Which Walmarts stock ARs?

Discussion in 'The Bayou Club' started by glockinNC, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Preferably near southern Louisiana? I know none have them for long when they come in but which stores should I keep an eye on?

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  2. uzimon

    uzimon team ftp

    Why dont you just order from cdnn?
    they have the 6920 mp for $1299 right now

  3. I'd consider ordering. I can't find CDNN's firearms catelog online. At this page all that is available are parts:


    Any opinion about which FFL in NOLA is best/cheapest? Never shipped here before.

  4. I live in N. Louisiana, but have had some friends tell me about some(Bushmasters) available around the Alexandria area. I didn't see any available in Morgan City or Houma areas. They also could've been out of stock.
  5. Not to be a "smartass", the quickest and surest way is to go to walmart website, click on the rifle you want as if to purchase, and it should point you to the nearest location in your area.
    Here in south FL we have a few different locations, but when I went to Ocala (hour N of Orlando) pretty much every walmart sold them.
  6. Often the most obvious solution is worth pointing out, so thanks for the reply. In this case I did check that and prior to Newtown, Walmart.com provided that info. At some point since then, they changed it so the website won't give any store info about firearms. I even emailed customer service and they replied that they could not provide that information, even after several attempts to escalate and with no other explanation given. While I'm glad Walmart is still selling firearms and didn't cave like others (ahem...Dick's), my guess is that this is an attempt to minimize perceived PR risk. Too bad.
  7. I would look up the Walmart web site and check out the store locator and then call the stores to see if they stock Rifles. My wife is from Canton, TX and I was there last month and they had two different types of colt ar 15's. One of the two used to be $1098. Price may have increased.
  8. Yeah, I was trying to avoid calling all the stores. No big deal. I just ordered one online for about the same price including FFL.
  9. Theskip

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    Holy crap Colt firearms at Wal-Mart??? Do they have a mini-stock market in there too?? Do they perhaps sell Jacuzzis there? I guess the standard of living must be pretty high in that area to see guns like that for sale there...

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