which trp to purchase?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by oldtimer48, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. i currently own a sti spartan, i have been bitten with the 1911 bug, thanks! anyhow i just sold my glock 30 and looking to replace it with a springfield trp i see you can order one with a bull barrel or a match barrel with bushing. i will be target shooting mainly. i am more accurate with the 1911 over the glocks and i enjoy shooting the 1911 over the glock i'm just looking for some suggestions and help thanks john

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  2. Quack

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    the Bull barrel is on the Operator (light rail), the regular TRP's are bushing barrels.
    so it's up to you, rail (Op) or no rail = bull (Op) or bushing = adjustable (Op) or fixed sights.

    if it's just a Range/Target gun, look at the Trophy Match or Range Officer.

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  3. like Quack said, The operator has the bull barrel and adjustable sights. If your main focus is target shooting, grab the Operator. A lot of people go with the standard TRP because they dont like railed 1911's.
  4. thanks to both of you for getting back to me so quick, yes i would prefer the adjustable rear sight, the part that through me was the standard trp comes with a bushing i assume there is some type of bushing on the bull barrel as well
  5. Quack

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    nope, no bushing on the bull barrel, the barrel is fit to the slide.

    with a bushing barrel, the barrel is fit to the bushing and the bushing fit to the slide.

    BTW, the TRP Op has the rear sight a little forward (protected), unlike the rear sight on your Spartan.

    So if it's range work, Look at the Trophy Match, it's just a target version of the TRP.
  6. thanks again quack
  7. Quack

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    also there are more holsters available for std TRP's than there is for the TRP Operator.
  8. I don't know what they were thinking with the TRP Operator.

    Why the bull barrel?

    Why the buried adjustable rear?

    The Range Officer OTOH, is a nice 1911 and it doesn't look retarted either.
  9. I agree with Quack about holster selection. It's just more like you have to order one online. All the big boys make them, just a lot of stores dont stock them. And pretty much all of the custom guys out there can make them as well.

    Also if your not fond of the rail, you can always just install an adjustable. Not sure why i forgot to mention that the first go around considering i only have 1 gun i think that i didnt change the sights on
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    I don't know either. I'd take an MC Op or LWT Op over the TRP Op. I was actually looking for a MC or LWT when i found the Pro Op.
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  11. Yeah, but the RO is no TRP.
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    it's built like one though. the 2 RO's i looked at were built just as tight as the TRP/TM, difference is the finish, no checkering, no FCS, no magwell and no FLGR
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  13. Very cool.

    So the RO is obviously a lot nicer than the Loaded? :dunno:

  14. Out of the box, yeah, it has less stuff on it, but IMO, the TRPs are not really done in good taste. They're kinda tacky, I'd rather have a tool steel hammer and sear than machine cut checkering and TACTICAL engraved on the dustcover.

    The RO has a nice, classic look to it. The TRP? Not so much...
  15. I'm not crazy about the TRP's looks either, but roll markings are a bit overdone on all Springfields as far as I'm concerned.

    I wouldn't exactly call the RO a clean looking 1911 either.

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