which to keep SW3913 vs Sig P6

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  1. Id also sell something else out of your collection those are 2 of my favorite guns even though I own neither(I had my shot at a P6 and blew it and got a .22 Pistol for me and the kid instead(same $$) ) and ive shot held and love the 3913 but i was never able to find one for a REASONABLE amount ..I had a few offers but guys thought theirs were worth well over $500 and I disagreed lol(they wanted my Glock 23 the LW 40-9 conversion barrel my RM Lowrider holster AND $$ in a trade lol I was like GTHO lol). But IF I had those 2 in my lineup id #1 regularly carry both and #2 not get rid of either :) (unless someone wanted 1 in a trade for the HKP7 :) which is one of the only ones id want more than the P6 or 3913)

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  2. P6 may have been a "dime" when they were surplussed but not any more.

    It is basically a SIG 225 and if I were to pick between the two it would be the P6.

    In this country the S&W is way more common and I would predict the P6 would appreciate at a faster rate and be harder to replace.

    My advice is if you need money get a second job and keep both. If not, then take both to the range and see which one you shoot better and keep that one.

  3. I hate to disagree but in my jerkwater corner of th Country I have seen many more P-6s than I have 3913LS. The last two 'batches" of P-6s were probably close to the total production of S&W 3913s. I know there were enough of them to put magazines in short supply. The 3913LS will take all 3913 mags and, in a pinch 39 series as well.
  4. Blonde or Brunette?

    Seriously, it depends which one you like using. If you enjoy using both, get rid of something else. (There are at least 3 other pistols in your sig line I'd not ever buy, but that's me, and people like different things. ;) )

    I happen to think the 3913 (and variants) are among the very best TDA 9's S&W ever produced. I'd put one in good condition alongside any P239 or P225 and consider it an even match. (I say this as an armorer for both S&W and Sig, and having shot a fair number of Sig's over the years ... but I own a 3913.)

    If I were going to own a surplus P6, and I wasn't an armorer, I'd have it inspected by Sig, probably having them do their Sig Service Package (SSP) on it. You never know how well a surplus gov pistol was used, maintained and stored. Ditto the magazines.

    Then, as long as it consistently & reliably fed & fired any of the assorted hollowpoints I used, I'd keep it and be happy.

    Bottom line? If I owned a properly serviced P6 surplus gun in good condition, AND a 3913 in good condition ... I'd keep BOTH. Neither are going to be any easier to find in coming years. :)

    Suit yourself, though.
  5. I'd keep the 3913. They are a near perfectly sized single stack for IWB carry.
  6. I checked Gun Broker and you are right. There are way more P6 than S&W 3913 at this time. I tried to search production figures for both but failed.:upeyes:

    I'm not the best computer guy around so if any one wants to help please do.

    My original advice of keeping both even if it means getting a second job still stand.
  7. I should have retyped part of that. I meant to compare the production of the 3913 LS models But yah they are hard to find in my area.

    I don't know about the P-6 but I once ran acroos the figures for the LS buried in one of a couple of dozen articles, or forum references, and I can neither remember accurately enough nor vouch for the author.
  8. BTW, the P6 that I got when they first came out has gone up quit a bit! The price of P6 and S&W 3913 will cost more to replace years from now.

    When the S&W 3913 came out CCW was not as common as now meaning production numbers may not be that high.

    To the OP, keep both!
  9. The "LS" and "NL" versions were especially limited and highly desired which caused them to have a rather shockingly high MSRP in their day. Smith was helped in this by comparison to the cost of the ASP and DEVEL modifications in their day.

    Iwas thinkig of picking up a P_6 in the last batch and was surprised recently when the idea popped back in my head and I looked them up.

    I also looked at the prices on those little surplus French Semi MAS rifles:shocked: For a rifle that uses such an odd ammo?:shocked::shocked:
  10. I remembered reading about those cut down conversions! Devel and ASP goes way back when most people carrying concealed were police. At the prices they sold for not many police could afford to buy one.

    The "NL" was a "Ladysmith" for men that wasn't secure in their manhood.:rofl:

  11. Yup. I bought my wife one of the "J" frame Ladysmiths years ago, I just got my 3913 LS and that about leaves the 3' K" frame and she really likes my 3"65 Sooooo, sincwe have the other two.....

    BYW I know a well known gunsmith (who graciously allows me to refer to him as a friend) who used to work for Devel.

    The stories are fascinating if one is interested in guns and designs
  12. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    I love my 3913, the P6/225 is hands down my favorite Sig though.
    I think I like the 3913 a little better though, it eats anything and is very slim.
  13. thank for all your reply..sorry I didn't in net for sometime. both gun is very good I shoot P6 more,SW is good gun also but I do not like safty that they have.

    I will sale SW 3913 for sure ... I know SW is very good gun but feel shoot and hold P6 more both gun best for it class. and person that will buy from me is SW lover he know more SW then I do, and this SW 3913 will be well care and love.

    SW is litte hard to fine but if I keep it I know I will not shoot it as much as other gun and why keep it, I like more CZ grip style,most of gun I have do not have safty or had Fram safty not slide safty like SW or Beretta.

    thank for all your reply.
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