which to keep SW3913 vs Sig P6

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by zippo, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. HI..

    I like to keep only ONE single stack gun between SW 3913 LS vs Sig P6 both with 5 mag , both in very good conditon.

    myself like P6 more b/c is no safty/no mag safty. but SW3913 is litter hard to fine around my area.
    and I like the way of SW3913 look, both feel good in my small hand, shooting good group both.

    which one should be sold and which to keep.

    thank you

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  3. Keep the one you shoot best, but the P-6 would have to shoot a heck of a lot better than the Smith to make me keep it and sell the Smith

  4. Bruce M

    Probably just me but I would sell the P2022 or the G19 or the GP100 well before I sold the P6 or the 3913 unless I had extreme problems shooting the P6 or the 3913. And my guess is that if I had problems shooting either of those I would probably have even more trouble with most other pistols.
  5. The 3913 fits my hand better so my vote would be to sell the P6. The only thing that I'm not a fan of is the manual safety on the 3913. I like one on my 1911's not on my double action pistols. Let us know how you decide.
  6. I'd get rid of something else in your signature before either of those.

    However, if you have to choose one, I'd keep the P6.
  7. oops...

    Bruce beat me too it. :embarassed:
  8. Keep the 3913 LS and sell me the P-6 :rofl:
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  9. If you decide the other way call me

  10. The P225/P6 is my favorite Sig, other than the P210.
  11. If it was a 225, I would say keep it and let the 3913 go. But P6 just dime in a dozen. Keep the 3913LS and find a P225 later.
  12. If you decide to get rid of the 3913, please give me a msg, as they are REALLY in demand, and there is a very good reason for that. Nobody will get my 3913NL, and there is a very good reason for that, also.

  13. Tough call but if I could only have one---P6 would be it. It may be my favorite SIG...

  14. Hey, I spoke first:tongueout:

    Besides I have a good case for need. My wife didn't like my 3913 LS until she fired it. Now she wants mine.
  15. The cost factor or collectability means nothing to me... I'd keep the P6.

    P6 is a better gun. It's also from a time when SIG was turning out top of the line pistols that were QA/QC'd to perfection.
  16. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
    Platinum Member

    Keep the Sig for sure.

    I'd sell the G19 first though.
  17. That is a tough call. I wouldn't get rid of either one of them unless, I had to. If you have to sell, keep the one you shoot the best.
  18. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy

    Don't know which you should keep, but if it were me, I would keep the P6.
  19. I would keep both I don’t believe in buying a gun I would sale and I have two P-6s and would buy more if I got a good deal. But then I have cheap .22 that I will keep till I die I just don’t sell any guns.
  20. skeeter7

    skeeter7 Brass Vulture

    My thoughts exactly. You can easily replace a G19 anytime.
  21. For me I could not get rid of either one, both are great pistols! I know this does not help but that is just me.

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