Which small .45, Glock or. XDM

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Filhar, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Filhar

    Went to my lgs yesterday. Have had a g30 gen 4 on order to replace my g26 gen 4. They still can't get one, but they had a gen 3. I LIKE the size, but would prefer the new finish and replaceable backstrap for my small hands.
    Then they showed me the xdm 3.8 compact .45. I Like the size. The length to trigger is less than the g30 gen3, but the grip is shorter with the 9 round Magazine and way too long with the 13 round.
    The g30 is $550 and the xdm is $630. The g30 gen 4 will probably be $575.
    I went to xdtalk and every post said you need a prp trigger kit for over $100,, but you can shoot lead out of a xdm.
    Too many variables, variables I overthinking it? Wait for the gen 4 or??

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  3. I couldn't say. They are both fine firearms. My personal choice would be an M&P 45c. Out of the two G30's, The Gen 4 might be better for you if you've got smaller hands.

  4. Glock 36 or XDs
  5. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I own a G30 and have an XDs coming next week. Can't wait to compare the two. :cool:
  6. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member


    Get the Glock!!!

    (This isn't "XDM Talk"!):rofl:
  7. If I wanted a small 45 (and I do) I'd look at the G39. Same size as your G26.
  8. SDR


    Ok my $.02. Go rent an XDs. After over 20 years of owning/shooting a G21 it has really perked up my shooting again. After renting twice I had to own one as they are a blast to shoot. It's so slim it is unreal.
  9. Never had a xdm, but I love my G30sf. As far as shooting lead, I do in the 30. You only have to worry about leading the barrel and the 45acp is one of the best rounds for no leading. Just keep them around 800 to 850fps. With that said,I don't shoot lead in my 26 or 19 cuz I've always had leading problems with the 9mm . But some do with no problems.
    The g30sf is a sweet shooter!!! Think about it.

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  10. I have the XDm compact .45 and I love it. Mine has the factory trigger and it is better than any of my Glocks that I have installed the 3.5 connector and done the .25 cent trigger job on. I wouldn't mind trying a PRP trigger but am in no hurry for one nor do I feel it is a necessity. Mine has been 100% reliable with everything I've fed it so far and I've come to trust it as much as I do my Glocks. Holster selection isn't as good as with the Glocks but I found a nice leather OWB DeSantis that seems to work pretty well. I'm surprised you find the grip too short coming from a G26. I practice shooting the XDm with the flush 9 rounders and find it very controllable and extremely accurate. I still carry my G26 quite a bit and shoot it well but I have been carrying the XDm more and more lately. It does not conceal as well as my G26 but it does conceal better than my G23. The aggressive grip texture likes to grab ahold of shirts but as long as your aware of that and check to make sure you haven't become exposed after bending over or what not you're good to go.
  11. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

  12. Why do you want to replace the 26? Nobody else asked, but I think that's crazy talk. Get the G30 in addition to it!
  13. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member


    Best post in thread.

  14. I have small hands too.... I've played the Glock vs XD game in the past and gone through various iterations....

    My impressions: I've always ended up doing trigger work on the XD's but I understand that the XDm's trigger is much improved. ( I've only dry fired XDms).... I could never find any way to alter a Glock to comfortably fit my hand ( but I really appreciate the Glock design) .

    Just recently , I traded in an XD 45 compact for an XDs 45(single stack).... Have only run about 50 rounds thru it. SO far...it looks like the best for me !! mike

    PS: the XDs 45 doesn't seem to kick as much as my XD45 compact..... I can't explain that at all, but it's more pleasant to shoot....
  15. I prefer the XDm over the 45ACP Glocks.
  16. Glock 36, 6+1, single stack, slim. Hides very nice:whistling:
  17. Filhar

    First, I will not get rid of my g26. It will probably be my t shirt and shorts gun or bug if needed. I went through a lot of guns to get my perfect Cowboy Action guns and after about 14 years, I'm down to one rifle, two shotguns, and two pair of pistols. No need to ever change.
  18. This

    I had 9 of them come in to the store on Thursday morning. WE also have numerous G30SF and about a half dozen G30S

    Guess which one was sold out by lunch time, btw we open at 10:00 am :yawn:

    I put them XDs right next to the Glock case full of the 36's, 30 and 30S...the XDs literally flew out of the store.

    Of course I got a load of HK P30s in now
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  19. Filhar

    How much were the xdm 3.8 compact 45s. My lgs is $630 for the black.
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  20. ImpeachObama

    ImpeachObama Fuhgettaboutit

    +1 on the G39 - all the way.

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