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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by joesuits4, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. I have a Glock34, Gen4 that I will be using with 115gr ammo. Would it be best to use the stock RSA or a 13# jager steel assembly?


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  3. The stock one is the one to use. All of mine carry the stock one. No matter what ammo I use, they all work just fine.

  4. SCmasterblaster

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    Stock spring is thoroughly tested by Glock.
  5. My Gen 3 G19 would not cycle mid level 115g with the stock RSA until it got about 250 rounds through it. On the few it did cycle, the cases would eject just high enough to fall back on my wrists. I ran a Wolff 17# spring and guide rod for a bit and it worked fine with those. It now works with everything and I'm back to using the stock RSA.

    How well does your G34 eject? If it ejects well, I'd use the stock RSA. Gen 4s use a 9mm specific spring IIRC where as the Gen 3 shared the same spring between 9 and .40. If you are not having issues, you should be fine with stock.
  6. are you having problems with the stock RSA?
  7. Only thing on glocks that NEEDS to be replaced are the stock sights. Everything else out of box is thee best. SS recoil springs, titanium plunger, ghost trigger ect ect are all needless upgrades. Only other legit upgrade IMO is a aftermarket barrel if you plan to shoot lead/heavy cast.
  8. Stock, it works! Why change something that works? I changed my sights to Glock night sights.

    Disassembled, cleaned. Spend your money on ammo!
  9. Yes, glock night sights are just as good as any aftermarket. It's those *****y plastic day sights that gotta go. I'm a xs bigdot guy, once I tried em I never went back.
  10. Bruce M

    Unless I was having a specific problem with bad ejection of the empties I would use the stock one.
  11. ede

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    13# spring is what you'll find in most Glocks in Production that aren't running a stock spring. It'll increase slide speed and bring the sights back on target quicker.
  12. Leave it alone! Unless u got problems!

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