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Which powders with which bullets?

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by Aloxite, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Aloxite

    Aloxite Group W Bench

    Jun 13, 2009
    OK, so I'm going to sit down and load some 10mm for the G29 (factory barrel.)

    I've got the following components:

    Bullets: 135 grain Nosler JHP, 180 grain Gold Dots, 180 grain XTPs, 180 grain Berrys flat points

    Powders: Blue Dot, AA 7, AA 9, Longshot, HS-6, Titegroup

    Primers: CCI 350 Large Pistol Magnum, Winchester WLP Large Pistol

    Brass: New Starline, Mixed once fired

    I'd like to work up some blasting loads with the once fired brass and the 180 grain Berrys. I'd like to get something with a big boom but without pushing the pressure too high.

    I'd like to work up some self defense loads using the new Starline brass, the 135 grain Noslers and the 180 grain Gold dots. I assume that the CCI 350s are going to be the primer of choice. The goal for these loads is maximum velocity at a safe pressure. I'm not looking for the biggest boom although I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it anyways, especially with the 135 grain Noslers.

    So, which powders would you use with which components? I'm not really worried about the relative cost of the powder in the equation. I'm totally fine with weighing each powder charge, especially with the self defense loads.

    I'd like to hear your recommended powder charges if you are willing to share. Don't worry. I'm going to be safe, work up the loads, watching for pressure signs.

    If you think a different powder that the ones listed would be a better choice for the self defense rounds let me know. I've been watching for some 800x and Power Pistol but I haven't found any locally.

    Regards, Aloxite
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2010
  2. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    Oct 26, 2009
    Cold side of conus
    I haven't ever truly RE-loaded with my stock glock barrel since there is a significant lack of case support near the feed ramp. My fresh brass loads (155gr. xtps) started developing smilies (case rupture hairline cracks at the area of the feed ramp) at about 1/2 a grain from the max load of blue dot.

    If those would have been reloaded brass, I think they would have ruptured or at least become more significant.

    Important things I've learned by researching over a hundred threads, reading published manuals & other information and loading & testing my own for this gun:

    -Heavier bullets are preferable and produce less pronounced recoil (from experience)
    -800x, AA9, longshot and power pistol (in order from most to least) are preferable powders. (research - I have some 800x and will be trying that soon - I've already tried Blue dot, which works good, but it's not the best powder for 10mm).
    -An aftermarket replacement barrel with more case support is an important accessory to have in your gun if you are trying reloads or loading up >/= +P loads.
    -Magnum primers may have an advantage in a shorter barrel like the G29.

  3. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Jul 23, 2007
    Southeast, LoUiSiAna
    For my G-29 I have had really good results using Power Pistol in the stock barrel...I find mine has good support even at the feed ramp.

    The Power Pistol is a little faster and its has a wide application for lighter to full loads with various bullet weights. Clean burn but has some flash.

    here are some results: (SLIGHTLY OVER SOME MANUALS)
    Power Pistol 10mm Load info tested July 6th 2008

    Hornady 200 grain XTP COAL 1.26”
    Power Pistol 8.0grains Winchester cases
    300 CCI primers
    1170-1200 fps velocity S&W 1006 5”
    1090-1130 fps velocity Glock 29 3.78”

    over chrony 8' to first screen
  4. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Dec 13, 2008
    Boise, Idaho
    It looks like you have a nice little care package to begin playing with. You will, no doubt, be able to find some combinations that work. I have no experience with Power Pistol, HS-6 or Longshot, but I do with A7, A9, & BD.

    Here are some of my personal observations:

    While Blue Dot performs well over a wide variety of weights, it throws a huge flash. That is not desireable for defense loads if needed in low light situations. Nonetheless, I use BD more than any powder. It meters well and performs consistently. It is what I use for my IDPA load behind a 180 grain Berry's. That projectile does not work well for me at anything faster than about 1100 - 1150 fps.

    BD does go bang, and throws a pretty good bark. My safety officer at the IDPA match yesterday was complaining of hearing loss after I shot a couple of stages (te he he).

    In the 180 grain weights, I'd go with A9 and a CCI 350 primer for max performance. A9 consistently performs the best for me with the heavier projectiles. There is recipe data for the XTPs from both Hornady and Accurate for that combo. Make sure to compare both recipes though because they have some widely different max charges. XTPs will likely have a lower max charge and lower max velocity than the Gold Dots. XTPs tend to obturate with higher pressures.

    For the 135 grain Noslers, the faster A7 should work fine. A5 might be even better. I recently picked up a pound to begin testing with the 135 gr Nosler. I love working with Accurate powders. They meter great and burn cleanly. The WLP would be fine.

    You did mention 800-X. That powder absolutely rocks that small Nosler. I use a standard primer for that load. The downside to 800-X? In my testing, 800-X hasn't lived up to its hype for anything heavier. A7, BD, and A9 have all outperformed 800-X with the heavier stuff. 800-X meters like crap too. With the nice assortment that you have on hand, I don't see a need to worry about picking up any.

    There are others who will completely disagree, and who have had great results. When I get through my last couple of pounds of it, I see no need to buy it again. I just don't have a need to push 135 grainers to almost 1700 fps, and that would be the only reason for me to buy it. 800-X throws some flame too, so something to consider for the defense loads. Oh yah, and a max charge of 800-X behind a 135 gr Nosler JHP is the loudest load I've shot through my G20. Wakes 'em up if you happen to be in an indoor range.

    The fun part? Trying all of these variables to see what happens. I love this cartridge! I look forward to hearing your results!
  5. Aloxite

    Aloxite Group W Bench

    Jun 13, 2009
    I loaded up 60 of the 135 grain Noslers using new Starline brass, CCI 350s and Longshot. I used McNetts data which shows more velocity than AA7. I did ten each 12.2, 12.4, 12.6, 12.8, 13.0, 13.2 grains. I weighed and trickled each charge so they should be dead on.

    I don't know when I'll have a chance to get out and shoot them. Looks like I've got a 60 hour work week.

    I think I'll load up some of the Berrys next using BlueDot. Big fireballs will be cool for some range ammo.

    I can't wait to get some 800X. I want some concussion rounds . I've got a buddy that won't shut up about his 357 mag. I think the music from a 15 round mag full of 135s on top of 800X will do the trick.

    I'll also work up some of the Gold Dots using AA9. I hope I can find more of these. I only have 100 and would like to have enough left over after load development to fill my carry mags.
  6. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Dec 13, 2008
    Boise, Idaho
  7. preventec47


    May 2, 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    I am very new here but I have been doing some research and I have
    gathered all of the hottest loads from numerous Load Data manuals etc
    and here they are. The info should serve at least as a reference and
    hopefully show us which powders are most efficient with the various
    bullet weights.

    As of April 2010 the hottest 10mm loads I can find in the
    three manuals from Hodgdon, Alliant and Accurate Arms are:

    Accurate Arms manual using no 9 powder----------------

    155 XTP 13.9gr AA#7 1400 fps ( Hornady 4th edition)
    155gr 15.9gr #9 1414 fps
    165gr 15.0gr #9 1341 fps
    180gr 13.5gr #9 1242 fps
    200gr 12.5gr #9 1170 fps

    Hodgdon manual-------------------------
    135gr Autocomp 9.5gr 1476fps 34,500 psi
    155gr Autocomp 8.9gr 1362fps 35,700 psi
    155gr IMR 800-X 9.8gr 1350fps 30,000 psi
    180gr Longshot 9.5gr 1287fps 34,800 psi
    200gr Longshot 8.2gr 1172fps 35,000 psi
    ***note Autocomp is a Winchester powder

    Alliant Manual-----website 2010
    180gr Speer GDHP bullet
    180gr Blue Dot 11gr 1296fps
    155 JHP Blue Dot 11.5 1340 fps Fed 150 primers 1996 manual
    155 XTP 12.7 Blue Dot 1350 fps Hornady 4th edition
    155 Speer GDHP Blue Dot 12gr 1291 fps 2010 Alliant website
    150 JHP 9.7gr Power Pistol 1415 fps fed 150 primers 1996 manual

    Note particularly that the 800-X load for 155gr is showing the
    performance at only 30K PSI. This implies to me that there
    is a lot of extra performance potential in FPS were the charge
    increased to 37.5K PSI which is the SAAMI limit.
  8. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Dec 13, 2008
    Boise, Idaho
    You are correct that the Hodgdon max for that load is listed at pressures < SAAMI maxes, and that there may be more FPS to be exploited. However, there is probably a good reason why they determined that to be a max load. It is quite possible that erratic pressure behaviors were observed beyond those charge levels. We don't have access to the lab notes, so it is hard to tell why the ballisticians deemed that to be a good maximum. Extreme caution and careful observation is called for if creeping up to and beyond those charge levels. Those are practices that should be reserved for experienced handloaders.