Which of the "slim" compact carry guns.....

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by AGAF, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. AGAF

    AGAF On a Journey

    do you prefer and why? I'm looking at adding one of the newer "slim" compact pistols to my collection. When I say "slim", I mean less than 1" thick in width. I would be open to both 9mm and .380 acp. Most of all, I care about shootability. Wouldn't want to shoot a 9mm in a super compact, lightweight set up if it is not controllable. This will be primarily for CCW.

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  3. Try a SIG Sauer P938, with the Hogue wrap around rubber grip.

  4. Gregg702

    Gold Member

    I agree with the gun, but the grip is unnessesary to make the gun easily controlable, as it is fine with any of the grips. The extended 7 round mag helps a lot more though.
  5. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    Nice looking gun, but I can't justify it for the price. I know it's a Sig, but it's almost double the price of a Shield. With the extended magazine, it's basically the same size as the Shield with the flush magazine.
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  6. M&P Shield.
  7. I love my M&P Shield...
  8. Walther PPS 9mm .
  9. The M&P Shield is the best shooter. I like it better than the LCP, buthands down the LCP is the easiest to conceal, but not shoot.
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  10. L Pete

    Kahr CM9/PM9
  11. As a carry ! you can't beat the Glock G-26 or 27. but it depends on the caliber of your choice. 9mm. 40 Smith.
    I have both and carry either from my Don Hume ISW holster.
  12. The new Glock 42 is small, light weight, thin and very accurate. It's 3/4 inch longer than the Ruger LCP (bottom left).

    Any of these are a inch wide or less, except the top three, Glock 26/33, Beretta PX4 sub compact, top middle and the CZ RAMI, top right.

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  13. I own 2 of the old Covert models for a reason. Accurate and reliable. Recoil can be felt but it ain't bad.
  14. Fenris Wolf

    Fenris Wolf Blue Blazer

    Walther PPS.
  15. As a person who use to hate smiths I must say this is the best pistol in the small range, credit where credit due.
  16. Bersa BP9cc. Uncluttered design, great grip ergos, great trigger with a super short reset, common sight design, tennifer treated slide & barrel, cool OD green color, lifetime service contract all for under $400. This is my second ss nine and had I handled one first I would have purchased the Bersa as opposed to the other model.
  17. That is a nice pistol. Its was also the one that basically started the recent craze towards thin autos again.
  18. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    After doing a lot of reading and handling multiple other guns, I decided to get a PM9. I think I made the correct decision.

    Can I shoot it as well as my G19? no.
    Can I shoot it well enough for a micro-CCW? yes.
  19. I was going to recommend the 938. I know it cost a bit more but it's a great gun. Factory night sights and as accurate as guns 2-3x it's size. 6+1 rounds of 9mm in a package the size of most wallets. A lot thinner and more compact than the other models mentioned also. I included a pic of mine next to my XDs for comparison.

  20. This (mine is a CM9). I'll admit I'm not nearly as accurate with it as with my G26, but sometimes the dress just doesn't allow that to be truly, completely concealed. I don't think there is a gun out there that most of us can shoot as accurately as a 26/19.

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