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  1. Now that I am carrying my g19 all the time I want to add some steel, 3 dot night sights. My other go to/comp gun is an M&P 9, and it has the Novak style 3 dot sights. I really like the sight picture they give me, and would like to get similar sights for my g19.

    What brand three dot night sights are recommended around here?

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  2. trijicon, meprolight, glock factory sites (if you are close to them, their price is pretty cheap compared to others). I'm also becoming a fan of having the front site a different color then the rear.

  3. Go with Meprolight tru dot. I still dont know why trijicon is the standerd,the white paint around the dots never held up,and turn yellow pretty fast.they do hold a glow for a while but the dots are really small compared to meprolight tru dots.IMO the tru dots have a much better profile than trijicons.the tru dots hold a glow just as long as trijicons do.I have meprolights on my 19,and when i got my 23 it came with trijicons....I replaced them with meps.
  4. Trijicons in the middle and meprolights on the right.

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  5. I bought a Glock30sf a couple of years ago and put on Trijicon nightsights and the white paint is nearly gone now....I'm debating whether or not to replace them again, this time with Mepros. It is my understanding that Mepro Night Sights are what Glock puts on their pistols. Sig also....they are much "whiter" and more visible than my Trijicons.
  6. I have Trijicons on one and Glock Factory Night Sights on the other.

    Trijicons have significantly smaller dots, I'd go Glock factory NS.

    Hard to beat the price too and I had my gun back in less than two weeks.
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    I have Meprolight's installed on ALL six of my Glocks..They are the best
    according to three of my gun shops I do business with...They ROCK..!!
  8. If I remember correctly the M&P rear sights are set inward a bit from the rear of the sight. I don't know of any glock sights that do that except for truglo rears pictured above...
  9. is there anyone that has tried any of the irradecent paints
  10. I have Meps on 3 of my Glocks and Glock factory NS on 2 of them. They are the same. I like both better than Trijicon because they are larger and easier to acquire.
  11. Yes, big waste of time and money. IMO
  12. Trijicons still going strong on mine. Been years...
  13. Yeah, the Trijicons seem to last forever.
  14. I'd go with factory GLOCK as they fit perfectly (easy to center), have a 12 year warranty (longer than all the others), and are generally cheaper. Oh, and the tubes are made by Meprolight.
  15. TFO's all the way!

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  16. :agree:
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  18. Ameriglo uses Trijicon lamps

    ask if the GSSF discount is still good.
  19. +1
    I have TruGlo Tritium/Fiber Optics on most of mine. The fiber optics make site pick up a breeze in day light. The Tritium glows great in low light.

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