Which lubricant do you use?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Stupid, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Rail, slide lugs, etc. Mil-Comm TW25b or lubriplate. Finish protection G96 for long term storage, or a silicone cloth for short term & carry.

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  2. Up until recently, it was Hoppe's for cleaning and lube. Since I bought some Ballistol off eBay, it is all I will use from now on.

  3. If it works well in an engine to prevent wear, I guess it will do fine on my semi- autos............. DOC
  4. I use 50% Mobile 1 with 50% ATF (give or take). For rails I use wheel bearing grease. If you want non toxic try Slip 2000 EWL or liquid Froglube.
  5. Depends.

    Over the years I've tried & used a variety of lubricant products made for firearms.

    I've been through more than 20 armorer classes, and the recommendations for lubrication usually run toward using any of the modern products made for use on firearms.

    The Sig instructor did put a little more emphasis on the Mil-Comm TW25b grease, because Sig has been satisfied with it and at that time was shipping their guns lathered in it. (Too much)

    What I use at any particular time depends on whether I'm at my bench (and which lubricant or grease I decide to use), have my armorer kit(s) with me away from my bench, or I'm at the range armorer bench or cleaning station.

    I'm not terribly fussy as long as it's one of the better quality lubricants made for firearms, although sometimes my choice might be predicated upon the conditions and circumstances in which a particular firearm may be carried (and for how long under those conditions). Things like potential wicking, gravity runoff, evaporation, temperature & humidity changes, the potential for fine grit/debris, etc.

    If I'm running one or another gun for extended, hard training/practice I may pick a grease over an oil, or vice versa ... or use a slurry of both (1911's ;) ,).

    I've seen some slight increase in cycling ease on some platforms with one or another of the more expensive synthetics ... but I'm not running full auto weapons anymore, so it's not one of my big concerns.

    If I'm concerned about corrosion/oxidation instead of functioning? That may change things, especially for long duration storage.

    Just depends.
  6. I don't see an whole lot of mechanics dropping dead all the time so I think I'm good to go. Plus it seems to stay where I put it longer than some of the gun oils I've tried.
  7. There are more old mechanics than old doctors.
  8. Used to use Hoppe's or Remoil. Converted to Ballistol a couple of years ago and never looked back. I can't find it locally, so I order some online whenever I'm ordering something else from one of the big ammo/accessory houses. I've also gotten it on Amazon and EBay.
  9. Ive been using Frog Lube for awhile now. I dont know how many of the others can claim this.....

    (From their MSDS)

    Section II—Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information
    Hazardous Components


    http://www.froglube.com/docs/FrogLube MSDS 2012.pdf
  10. I though that would be post #2.:rofl:

    I use the Ballistol as well. After a few cleanings you get a long term coating that makes cleaning easier.
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  12. froglube and ballistol are suppose to be non-tox, I too use Mobil1 0w5 full syn $6 a quart
  13. Froglube is rumored to be nothing more than green T/C Bore Butter.

    Sorry if someone already mentioned it.

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  14. Here are my favs:

    "EEZOX" It cleans, lubricates, prevents rust, and finger printing. It eliminates stiff actions, jamming and all types of residue build-up. It’s also NON-FLAMMABLE!! It functions from 450 degrees to 95 degrees below 0. EEZOX® dries to the touch on guns in use or in storage. Your guns are always protected with EEZOX®. (my favorite for long term storage)

    "Gunzilla BC-10" It was developed to reduce weapon malfunctions for soldiers and law enforcement. It is also formulated to remove the hazardous chemical exposure associated with many gun cleaners. Gunzilla is made from plants and contains no water and no petroleum. It is safer and more effective than most gun cleaners, and can be used on everything from small handguns and high powered automatic weapons to 16" guns. (My favorite overall CLP)

    "Gunbutter" It is for all types of metal-to-metal, metal-to-plastic, and plastic-to-plastic mechanisms’. Our lubrication reduces galling and wear, provides two-year rust protection that extends the service life of your favorite recreational mechanical device. Gun Butter Oil is not grease; its oil will resists change and perform consistently below -20 degrees to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Our complete all-weather lubricant will not burn up or evaporate in summer’s heat; it functions normally in freezing weather, stays intact during pouring rain, and repels debris.
    In operational use Gun Butter’s unsurpassed smoothness and consistency is unparalleled due to its longevity and ease of function. Your mechanism has continued performance assured because Gun Butter’s adhesion exceeds the film-strength of molybdenum grease. (My favorite lubricant)
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  15. No one uses weapon shield???
    I always clean with ballistol by the way.
  16. I have used militec for years. Now I am trying out frog lube
  17. I just started using Frog Lube also and so far I can't complain, Frog Lube has done a fine job to date.
  18. All kinds, 3 in 1, CLP, the kind that came in the cleaning kit lol(i think it may have been Hoppes) ive also got Rem oil IMO its all the same ive never had a problem with any of them doing what they are suppsoed to do.. it all has worked ive never had rust or any problem with any of my guns since ive been shooting(1983 or there abouts)
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    Gunslick n oil
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  20. Started to say spit!!, then I remembered Eezox. Works in the "sand box" for the military (thier testing goes for beyond what some "Joe Paluka" is indorsing or trying to sell.) Proof that people are still willing to buy "snake oil" if the right person says, It's good stuff, use it on my match winnings gun all the time! Wasn't it JP Barnum that said there's one born every minute!Seems fishing lures and gun oil have alot in common!

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