Which H&K in 9mm?

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by NEO Hunter, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. ...Which is a SUBCOMPACT GUN, that the OP specifically said he didn't want.

    I love it when people don't even farking bother to read and comprehend the OP.:steamed:

    Yeah: be SURE to listen to the Internet commandos. They know EVERYTHING.:steamed:

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  2. I just got a P30 Light LEM

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    NEO Hunter............any decisions?

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  4. Don't know if this is too late to help but after going through a Glock ,M&P, and a Springfield , I settled on a HK P2000sk in .40 , it. Came with the LEM trigger I upgraded to a LEM light which gives me a lighter take up and a ultra crisp 4.5-5 lb trigger, the HK is my ccw gun,and I have Sigs , Glocks and Smith revolver to choose from
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    The P2000 V3 is my favorite, but I enjoy the USPc and P30 also.

  6. You must get out more often
  7. H&K P7.
    I have run timed drills using a shot timer with my Glocks, CZ's, and 1911's.
    I can draw from concealment and shoot double and triple taps more accurately and consistently on target with the P7.
  8. Its just like the new S&W revolvers. Its located inside the magazine well. Mine was very easy to turn to lock on and off. I decided to stick with Glocks for self defense as that lock is just one more thing that might go awry. However its never jammed on me like my Glocks have at times. If a internal locks bothers you migth ought to look at other options.

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