Which Glock is Better for IDPA: 34 or 35?

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by FZR600KID, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. I am looking to purchase my next pistol but have a few questions about in reference to my purchase. I intend to use this pistol for IDPA events and maybe some other competitive shooting events. I am new to competitive shooting (looking to get in it) but have shoot for close to 7 years. I have checked out the IDPA site and looked at their classes and understand they factor in the bullet caliber into the score? So here is my question:

    Would it be better to buy a 9mm 34 (w/softer recoil) or a 40cal 35?
    Looking for real world advise, since I have not been able to attend an event yet.

    Additional Factors
    - The 9mm would be cheaper to shoot and I know definately easier to control.
    - I already own a Glock 23C and love the gun, so mags could be used interchangeably, for which I need to buy more mags for.
    - I do not reload (Hopefully will in the future) so would buy store bought ammo.
    - I am looking to leave the pistol w/ factory parts also (or close to).
    - 40cal is definately better for self-defense if that situation would ever arise
    - 40cal barrel can be swapped out for 9mm, I understand this takes me out of some divisions though.

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  3. I think you covered it yourself already. 9mm is cheaper and milder recoil than the .40 cal. For IDPA, the 9mm is fine, as you don't get any advantage scoring wise by using a larger caliber. As far as the defense argument, if 17+1 rounds of 9mm wouldn't deter your problem, not sure that a .40 would either. You also already have the 23C if you want the larger caliber for defense. All that being said get the one you want. I have a G34 and G35 & love them both. One thing to consider is if you get the G35, you can convert to 9mm or .357sig with a barrel/mag change, but you can't switch the G34 to .40 or .357sig. Also know that you can't use a G35 with a 9mm/.357sig barrel in SSP for IDPA.

  4. Good point about the conversion and not being able to use 9mm in a 35. But I know my times would be faster with the 34, because I would be able to put it back on target faster.
  5. Are you only gonna shoot IDPA? like the about comment to keep in SSP, all you can moify is internals. If you stiple or sonething, you bump up to ESP. I shoot a G35 for USPSA Limited. I've got everything possibly done and still say in Limited or LIM10.

    It just depends on what you want to do with it. I would pick up the 35, and then get you a KKM barrell in 9mm, then a few 9mm mags and your gtg
  6. Alaskapopo

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    The 9mm and 40 are very similar in terminal performance with only a very slight edge going to the 40sw. I would take the 9mm in a Glock over any other caliber for reliablity alone.
  7. for IDPA, the 9mm is best. they will both shoot in SSP and there is no advantage in shooting a 40 cal.
  8. TSAX


    Glock 34 out the box is perfect for IDPA

  9. What is the deal with USPA...As mentioned in a post above I have heard mentions of this organization?
  10. 9x45

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    FZR600KID, USPSA is another shooting game, the US segment of IPSC. There is also Steel Challenge. IDPA was invented by Bill Wilson, a great USPSA shooter. Each have different rules.

    "understand they factor in the bullet caliber into the score?" The power floor in IDPA is division based, not scoring based like in USPSA (major >= 165,000 and minor >= 125,000). The power floor is bullet weight times muzzle velocity. In IDPA it is by division, ie, CDP is 165 and SSP/ESP are 125. Now here is a twist for IDPA, you can shoot your G21 .45acp in SSP running a 230 grain bullet at 543fps and 10+1, but if you run your G21 in CDP you have to bump the speed to 718fps to make the floor, and download to 8+1. There is no change in scoring value. In USPSA twice as many points are lost in minor for C and D hits. 40S&W can be reloaded to have less recoil than factory 9mm. The G34 is your best bet, since you don't reload, and could also be used in USPSA Production and Limited minor.
  11. 9x45

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    FZR600KID, Best caliber for cruising, it makes major at 1800cc..

  12. Thanks for the info... nice bike but where's the women on the back?
  13. 9x45

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    The women's are in the truck......... Don't want to mess up their hair with the wind and all :cool:
  14. For an IDPA gun dedicated to the Stock Service Pistol Division there's nothing better than the Glock 34.

    However, if you are wanting a gun that can fill the most roles -then the Glock 35 gets the nod. With the recent clarification allowing conversion barrels in Enhanced Service Pistol Division -the Glock 35 can play in ESP shooting the more affordable factory 9mm ammo. And the 35 just begs to be shot in USPSA Limited so you have that option open to ya if you choose to play that sport later. Of course the G35 with the 40 barrel can play in SSP, but you will need to start reloading to get that power factor down (trust me, if you "get into" IDPA or USPSA you WILL start reloading<g>).

    The fact that you choose the 40 for self defense would probably make me go with the 35. That way you only need to stock one caliber of the pricey HP ammo.
  15. BuckyP

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    If you don't reload, then I agree the G34 is the way to go. However, I have both and I prefer the G35 with downloaded reloads. To me the recoil is softer than the 9mm at the same power factor.

    Weighing in your factors:

    - The 9mm would be cheaper to shoot and I know definitely easier to control.
    Yep, if you don't reload a 9mm is much betterer.
    - I already own a Glock 23C and love the gun, so mags could be used interchangeably, for which I need to buy more mags for.
    The 23C mags won't fit in the 35, but yes 35 mags will fit in the 23C and hang out a bit.
    - I do not reload (Hopefully will in the future) so would buy store bought ammo.
    Then the 34 is the way to go.
    - I am looking to leave the pistol w/ factory parts also (or close to).
    You say this now. Wait until the bug catches.
    - 40cal is definitely better for self-defense if that situation would ever arise
    With proper ammo, the 9mm is very close. I wouldn't even factor that.
  16. Downloaded 40's do seem softer (when power factors are equal), also the G35 slide is just a bit heavier than the 34. And I think the 34 swings and points faster -but that may all be in my head since I've shot my 34 more than my 35. :dunno:

    However, if you download the 40 you still are paying for the more expensive bullet compared to reloading the 9mm.
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  17. BuckyP

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    Yeah, that is the down side. It's once of the reasons I keep the G34, which I'll shoot at local matches.
  18. If your concearned with recoil, and wanting to go fast. Put a compensator and a C-more reddot on a 34 , and run it in open, with a ghost holster, of course doing that you will be competiting against guys with $5K+ race guns. A 34 and 35 is not alot of difference in recoil. If competition shooting is not something you are going to get serious with. ?Buy the caliber that you want. I originally got the 35 because I had twin G22's and had 20 magazines. So now I have an abundance of mags, if my G35's go down, I keep a G22 in my range bag as a just in case gun.
  19. BuckyP

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    The backup gun is a good point. I shot the indoor nationals with my G21. I didn't have a second G21, but brought my G30 along just in case. I'm certainly not going to be as competitive with the G30, but if I had some kind of breakage, I'm probably out of the running anyway. Still, it allows you to continue shooting, which is a good thing at a $125+ match.

    The only snafu you have with the 23C is the ports. You could get a non ported barrel, or just shoot the G23C for no score (or bump to Open for USPSA). Again, at least you'd get to finish the match.
  20. I'm thinking threads like this always end with a post from the op saying he just bought BOTH :rofl:
  21. BuckyP

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    Which naturally is always the proper outcome. :supergrin:

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