Which aftermarket bbl?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Idaho Spud, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Haven't even received my first Glock (23) and am looking for a bbl to shoot lead since I cast my own for another brand of pistol. Found a Storm Lake at Midway in 40 S&W. Not really looking for conversions (not interested in 357 Sig and have plenty of nines) Lone Wolfs are scarce as hen's teeth. Did quite a search last nite, but what say you here at GT? Any experience?

    Probably would have no issue trying some hardcast commercial offerings in the stock barrel, but the alloy I use for my own is quite soft. Works great in my Ruger. Don't trust it in a stock Glock.

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  2. If you are on a budget try Lone Wolf if not try KKM.

  3. IS
    You may want to read some of this thread http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1414663 It may give you some insight especially if you are planing on shooting lead bullets from your replacement barrel.
    I know it goes on for something like 17 pages but the first couple of pages may help you with your decision. SJ 40
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  5. hamster

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    topgunsupply.com has Lone wolf barrels for the g23 in stock.
  6. Black&TAN

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    Aftermarket is the way to go if you want to shoot lead.

    Granted, there's a number of careful shooters running lead through their OEM. However, with a high pressure round, not worth the risk IMO- I'm not into babysitting barrels.

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  7. Thanks for the responses. If I were shooting harder cast boolits, like Missouri's and others at 18BHN or so I probably wouldn't worry at all, but my own cast probably run 11 or so (just a guess). My friend has shot thousands of cast thru a Glock without problems, but because of the issues some have had he no longer does so.

    I clean after every firing session so am pretty careful. I understand about the switching from cast to jacketed. Am leaning toward KKM right now if I do indeed get an aftermarket bbl. They actually claim cast reloads will chamber/function in their barrels.
  8. That is important if you mainly want to shoot lead through your barrel.

    They actually claim cast reloads will chamber/function in their barrels. SJ 40
  9. JR

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    ID Spud: I have a offer you may be interested in? I just received notification of a shipment of Glock 23 barrels in route to LWD now. Our standard 40 cal cambering is SAMMI spec and it works great for factory ammunition but I read here you are home rolling cast bullets. Well, today is my lucky day indeed! I have a new cambering we are introducing to the reloading community we call the GT Hole. I would like to ship one of these new barrels to you for test and evaluation. I am looking for your honest assessment of its performance. If this offer interests you please email me direct jr@lonewolfdist.com
  10. Spud
    I would take up J R on his gracious offer to be a tester of their new chamber reamer for lead bullet loads. I know many GT ers would be interested in the results of your testing of LWD's new chamber reamer. SJ 40
  11. +1 for Lone Wolf Distributors! I purchased a 9mm conversion barrel for my G23 and I couldn't be happier with it. It has traditional rifling and states that lead is perfectly fine.

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  12. Email sent! Thanks.
  13. If you take JR up on his offer be sure to let us know what you think of the new reamer. Just had a thought it would be even more informative if JR could wrangle up one of each and have you try to test them both side by side.
    See if your cast bullet loads feed function as in fully chamber in the standard barrel and then the GT reamer barrel.
    Could make for an interesting test and information. SJ 40
  14. This'll be a first for me, but i need to get the gun first!:supergrin:
    I bought it online and it MAY be here before the end of this week. Looks like I'll have to buy some commercial lead boolits as I'm fast running out of my stash. I'll most likely test a 175-180 gr TC style. These (in plated and lead) work great in the wife's gun.

    Haven't heard back from J R, yet.
  15. I literally picked up a G22 that came with the threaded 40-9 conversion barrel (going to be shooting the Missouri bullet co 147 grainers through it). My only issue is that the thread protector seems to come loose just from dry firing, anyone have a solution to this?
  16. Spud
    I'm one of the lead bullets out of factory barrels ,have been shooting them that way for years and will continue too.
    Good luck will be awaiting your posts with results.
  17. JR

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    Savage: We recommend Blue LocTite to stop any firearms parts from moving. If you don't have access to Blue, put a dab of your girlfriends finger nail polish on the threads. Works wonderful!
    Spud: Got your info, will arrange for the barrel to ship ASAP (has to land here first)
  18. Like I said, I believe with hard enough alloy and regular cleaning it shouldn't be a problem. I'll let you know if any of this stuff goes down. BTW, read some of your commentary on the other threads and appreciate the input you guys that know share here.
  19. I have the red dispenser, but the locktite itself is blue. Is that the right one. I want to have the option of removing the barrel, just not anytime soon.
  20. JR

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    All my bottles are Blue. Read the label, it should tell you what the contents are.
    Red requires heat to remove. We avoid it when possible
    Blue is just sticky. Comes off with a little effort

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