Which .45 Ammo is best?

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  1. I mean overall, which ammo is the most dependable in terms of feeding, extracting, etc. Does your .45 react differently using ball ammo vs. hollow points for instance? Does combat/defense ammo necessarily preform better than lower grade target ammo? Thanks!

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    That which goes bang would be the smart ass answer.

    With most modern 1911's, there isn't much that wouldn't work for you.
    Rounded hollow points would feed like ball. I regularly shoot hardball and lead wadcutters and never have a problem.

  3. At this point, any ammo you can find is the best right now.

    Any of the major brands should shoot, and feed just fine.Winchester, Remington, federal, I even have good luck with CCI blazer. But for accuracy,I prefer my hand loaded 200grain LSWC’s.

    I stay away from Wolf, Monarch and any steel cased ammo.

    I recommend testing any defensive ammo in your gun beforeyou load it for defense. Regardless of how good it is or who makes it. Bettersafe than sorry.

    Defensive ammo usually has sealed primers to avoid powder contamination.Standard target ammo does not.
  4. I know its not the cleanest ammo, but I never have an issue with WWB at the range.
  5. I've thought for a long time that the most consistent ammo and components were Federal.
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    Different ammo will preform differently in different guns. The answer to the OP is to run a few different kinds through YOUR gun and what which is the most accurate and consistent and dependable is the right one for THAT gun.
  7. Thanks, I have been wrestling with a failure to feed issue, and I am trying to rebuild an old 45 back up gun. So I have been trying everything including new springs, mag., etc. It's working fairly well, but still 2 failures recently out of a box of 50 FMJ so I'm thinking that some different ammo may give some different results.
  8. If you are still having a persistent malfunction issue stop switching brands of ammo until you sort everything out. I know that's difficult if not impossible in today's market, but if you keep changing variables you'll never solve the issue.

    I assume your old 45 is a 1911. The only 1911's I own that have any issues are USGI guns that won't run reliably on Aluminum CCI Blazer ammo. I've tried just about every commercial 45 ACP FMJ loading that's out there. They all worked 100%. If your gun is still having issues something is still not right with the build.
  9. Thanks everyone, every bit helps when you are putting a puzzle together! LOL
  10. use a well know reliable magazine. Wilson Combat and Chip McCormick are highly praised for their reliability. then ammo.
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    'Ball ammo' (FMJ/RN) tends to be more reliable and run better than any JHP. Learn how to fire repetitively, double and triple tap everything you point the muzzle at. Then practice a lot, and make your bullets go where you want them to go. Lean how to do these things and it's not going to matter whether or not your pistol is loaded with the latest, 'magic bullets'.

    In my experience gunmen who are able to demonstrate the personal ability to become vicious, mean, and nasty - real fast - are always the most dangerous pistoleros. I've never seen it matter what (handgun) such people are shooting; it all seems to be in the way these guys simply send their bullets to the target!

    (I'm being serious!) :)
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  12. What ever comes cheaper!
    My 1911 eats everything!
  13. Does anyone have a detail drawing or spec regarding the magazine opening on the .45? I see that there is a "re-shaping" tool so that must be something that may be adjusted.
  14. I don't recall any problems with WWB, Federal champ/Independance/ Blazer Brass, Remington target, Fiocchi, as far as FMJ range ammo. I use them in Springfield mil specs, a Kimber compact ssII, and a Colt 1918 repro. For defense ammo I use Remington golden saber because that's what was available and I havn't felt the need to try anything else. I have a box of Tula 'brass Maxx' FMJ I have not tried yet.
  15. My favorite carry round is the Hornady Critical Duty rounds.
  16. The kind that comes out of my press. :D I like shooting the XTP's.

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    ^ This
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    For SD rounds, I'm a Gold Dot man. For range work, I could care less. All of my guns feed and run anything I put in them, or they are made to do so. :cool:
  19. Dude:rofl:

    Just buy new mags. Why would you buy a tool to reshape the feed lips, the tubes widen over time?? 1911 magazines are in abundance. Also, why not take your gun to a competent 1911 smith, as obviously, you are not one.


    Every 1911 I have ever owned has eaten everything, when it's being fed from a CMC powermag. A friend's Colt commercial even ate Winchester silver box HPs from one.

    Finally, Do yourself a favor and read ALL OF THESE pertaining to 1911s
  20. Most any brass cased ball for the range. For SD I like Win Ranger Bonded and Fed HST. Gold Dot's are great as well.

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