Which 3 powders are biggest sellers

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  1. The problem is where the op lives doesn’t mean what the people in that area reloads or shoots use the most popular powders that Hodgdon’s sells. Do the people in that area reload more for rifle or more pistols or even shot gun? Or are they the same? Yes Hodgdon’s could probably tell you the most popular powder throughout the U.S. But probably not in the city the OP lives.
    I have lived in all four corners of the U.S. and in the middle and every place what the most popular powders that people used was different.

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  2. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack


    Bullseye, Unique, 2400

    Problem solved... I'm goin' to take a nap. :fred:


  3. +1 for HP-38 (Win 231) my number one also.

  4. Easy to find, reasonable price, and where I want for burn rate.
  5. Bullseye, Unique, Varget...
  6. Not sure about how popular. My current powders are,
    Tite Group, I use this the most
    Will be adding some Blue Dot and H110 if they every get a LB in stock for me to try out.
  7. I scored an 8 lb keg of WSF at LGS for $89.99 today! I'd put that on the list for sure. You can cover most common pistol loads with it.
  8. Highspeedlane

    Highspeedlane NRA Life Member

    I only need Unique and H110 or W296 and all my handgun reloading needs are fulfilled.

    But for a store to stock only three different powders to cover the range of ammo reloading chores out there...man that's going to be a toughie.
  9. Pistol powders or rifles powders? For handgun, TG is really popular, all though I'll never know why. Unique, Bullseye or W231, 2400, covers most handgun calibers. Rilfes; H335, IMR4895, H4350, H4831sc, would cover most rifles. The problem is there are so many powders & calibers, it is tough to try & stock for them all or to pick winners. The above will always sell but many shooters use lots of diff powders.
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