Which .223 rifle to get???????

Discussion in 'GATE Long-Range Shooting' started by supv26, Mar 5, 2012.

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    I've been dabbling in some long range shooting for several years and really enjoy it. At the moment I am loading and shooting for 22-250 and .308 The 22-250 has a 1-14 twist and it's a Savage and the 308 has a 1-12 twist and it's a Rem SPS. I now want to add a .223 to my arsenal. The ONLY thing I need to get into it is a collet die as I have all the other dies, powders, primers, bullets and currently sitting on several cases of Remington 223 ammo I'll shoot just for the cases to reload.

    I want to stay with a bolt gun and have been reading and see that Mossberg, Savage and Remington are offering bolt guns in 1-8 and 1-9 twist barrels which I think is super cool! I'd like to be able to load heavier bullets as I have several boxes of Hornady 60 grain Amax's I picked up at an auction years ago. I've tried those in my Savage but the 1-14 twist just doesn't stabilize them to hold them true at 300 yards.

    I am going to research out the major manufacturers and see what one will take the cake for me. My range is my back yard and I can go out to almost 1000 yards just from sitting on my deck. I shoot steel mainly as it's easier to deal with....

    Help me decide on which one to get. :cool:
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    I would recommend either a Savage or Remington with a 17: or 1:8 twist.

    However, you already have a .22 caliber centerfire rifle. Why not try a fast-twist .243 or .260. These are great long-range cartridges.

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