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Which 1911?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by District18, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. deduce as you please, sherlock. yes, i have shot a springfield loaded at B&R outdoor range. he didn't have a trophy match, so i had to settle for a 1991a1. the colt didn't have as many bells and whistles, but gracefully held it's own. i didn't feel the need to defend myself, as seldom do i argue on GT.

    there's nothing wrong with the loaded, i just don't like the asthetics.

    and however old and worn the cliche "i'm losing IQ conversing with you" is, the song remains the same.

    and there's no need to shout.
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  3. Yes, but unless you shoot them side by side, one right after another, it's such a small difference it would be darn near impossible to distinguish it, at least for me.
  4. I agree with you on the asthetics, as I think ambi safeties look silly and the target sights are not the prettiest in the world - not sure if you shot the target model or not. The trigger is much more solid and smoother than both of the Colt's I've shot... 1991 and series 70 that I own now. It's also much nicer and crisp than the Springfield mil spec. On those other guns the trigger has a bit of up and down play... not so on the loaded.

    I think the loaded gets a bad rap for some perplexing reason that I've yet to figure out. I've only shot five different 1911s - the other being a PT1911 which had a lot of play. I've never shot a kimber or an expensive 1911, but of the sub $1000 guns it's the best I've shot.
  5. Heck, they're both similar. I say toss a coin and see which way it lands, 2/3 get to say.