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  1. Need your input on which 1911 should I sell. I recently bought two LBs, a Commanche CVIII and a Custom Carry 5" blue. The Commanche is aswesome, 450 rounds and never failed me. However, after I shot my Custom Carry 5" yesterday, I can say that I am in awe with the 5" 1911. That being said, I need (want) to get a matching LB Custom Carry, probably in SS, but for that I need to sell one of my Commanche/Commander pistols.

    The decision is between the LB CVIII and the DW CBOB. The LB CVIII has 450 rounds through it and not a single failure, the CBOB has 1000 rounds and also never failed. I lean towards selling the DW CBOB, but I will need to shellout more money towards the 5". If I sell the LB CVIII, I shellout less money but will miss on a great LB pistol.

    What do you guys say?

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  2. Do you want to go all Les Baer?

    I always like a little variety. :supergrin:

  3. Yes, I really like the two LBs Pistols I have. I never shoot a fullsize 5" until yesterday. I have shoot a variety of Commander sizes, onwed 5, and the LB Commanche is my favorite 4.25". I want to go all fullsize LBs now :supergrin:
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  4. In that case, I'd sell both commanders. :cool:
  5. That is the plan :whistling: but one at a time as they need to be replaced :supergrin:. I can only match the money for a 5" on one now. And if I sell them both, I am sure I will find ways to spend the leftover money - one out, one in, one out, one in...one in...one in...one out, one in...
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  6. Gotcha :)
  7. Sell both of them and buy Army service one, made during WWI.
  8. Quack

    Quack Rent this space

    get rid of all the Baer's :rofl:
  9. Get yourself a Glock and lose that nickel-plated sissy pistol.

  10. I've read your stuff on the other forum as well. I just had a similar question - now I get to respond :supergrin:

    We've all heard about the Baer commanders being iffy with slingshotting. I'd say that if your Baer works, sell the CBOB.

    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    Just to clear this up a bit......Slingshotting or not slingshotting has nothing to do with the "big to do". It is the decreased length of slide travel that Commanche and Stingers have. Some 4.25 Baer's show this clearly with not slingshotting, but the ones that do slingshot still have the issue. Slingshotting or not is a symptom, not the disease.

    I would shoot 2 to 3 thousand rounds through each pistol and make the cut on which has to go based on performance.

  12. I am aware of the issue (have read way tto much on the topic), and I agree. My point was whether or not slingshotting was an important capability to the OP.

    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    Ok, didn't know you are familiar with the issue. :wavey:
    As most are not as they think that slingshotting is the only issue and if theirs does they are good to go.

    Whether or not the capacity to SS is important is the level and type of training that a individual has under his/her belt.

    It is important to me, but a some plinkers would not care a bit.
  14. Very true! I did read all the info on the Commanches from the other two 1911 forums before purchasing, and also started a thread asking opinions on personal experiences. The answers I found were overwhelmingly favorable. Some of the complaints were about slingshotting, which is not a problem for me at all. I am left handed and use my index finger all the time practicing. As far as reliability the Les Baer CVIII and the CBOB have not failed a beat. Fit and finish goes to the LB hands down. My favorite is no doubt the LB, the "problem" I am facing is that I can probably get $1600 on the LB and add about $200 for another LB Custom Carry government, or $1100 for the CBOB and $700 out of pocket. I will eventually unload both for fullsizes, question is which one first.
  15. Dump the Dan Wesson, the Baer is in a different league
  16. Well.....

  17. Again, only you can make that call, but here was my thought process - I could sell the SRP and get more money, or keep it since I favor it more. Will I have to sell the SRP at some point? I hope not, but if so, at least I got to keep the one I liked more for longer.

    At the same time, I fully understand needing more capital for another purchase, but it sounds like you enjoy the Baer more. Good luck with the decision - at least you're replacing a gun with a gun :cool:
  18. :laughabove: Well played sir.

    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    Rins pretty snappy with the comebacks. I like it.:rofl:
  20. I particularly like how he snipered my name and replaced it with his. :thumbsup:
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