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Which 10/22?

Discussion in 'Ruger Club' started by seanmo117, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. seanmo117


    Jan 28, 2011
    Hey there i'm pretty new to the site here, i have a glock 21 sf rtf2, and a walther p22. I've been dreaming of getting a ruger 10/22 for years now and just wondering which one i should get, i'm not trying to pay over 450 bucks for it. But i would like to put a sight on it too. I was think of getting the sporter or the carbine one. I like the wood finish and blued barrel. Any suggestions?:dunno:
  2. JimBianchi

    JimBianchi Da Da CLM

    Feb 15, 2006
    Las Vegas
    Once you fine a good one, you will really be hooked!

    I've had four different ones over the past 30yrs and the best one is the bone-stock carbine I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods (big retail store) for $169 about 8yrs ago. It will do 3/4 of an inches at 50 yards with good ammo. (sometimes a little better!)

    My very good looking, blinged-out heavy barreled custom match 10/22 couldn't do that, ever.

    The Wally World 10/22 is a longer barrel, stainless steel that many guys love, and they can shoot! About $220 normally.

    In all reality you should build your own. Buy an older version from a pawn shop (metal trigger groups on the older ones about $150 to $ 175 in great condition) and buy a match grade trigger sear and match stock and barrel and a decent scope.

    You'd be under or at $450 and have a great gun that will probably drive tacks with the right ammo.

    Good luck.

  3. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    The basic 10/22 i.e., 19" bbl, wood stock is about all you need. They are good little shooters right out of the box and you can usually find them at Walmart, Gander Mountain, Dunhams, Bass Pro etc from around $200-225. Most places put them on sale in the summer for fall hunting season.

    In addition to the basic ones, there are ones with stainless steel barrel, ones with plastic stocks, one with longer barrels etc. There is a target model and a target/tactical model. There is also a strictly tactical version as well.

    Personally I find the basic 10/22 to be plenty accurate. Most will out shoot their owners. Throw a cheap scope and a sling on one you are good for just about anything. I would echo Jim's suggestion about buying a used on in a pawn shop though. They are a lot cheaper. Forget all the FOO-FOO stuff. Just buy ammo and extra magazines.
  4. seanmo117


    Jan 28, 2011
    I agree, i'll be going to Dick's Sporting Goods tomorrow! :supergrin:
  5. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002
    I own the standard 10-22 with wood stock and put a $50.00 BSA scope on it.
    It is the coolest little 22. Very accurate, and very light to carry, and if you can see a rabbit at 100yds it will sure take him cleanly if your sighted in proper. Great gun. :wavey: