Where to Get Quality Training?

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by Limedust, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. I am a new gun owner and new Glock owner, in particular. I have had no training; this is not to say that I haven't shot guns and received some instruction in safe handling, weapon maintenance, and responsible shooting.

    I have learned a lot from this site and generally do well learning from books. However, I also realize that there is almost no substitute for person-to-person instruction.

    My questions are:

    1: Should I ask around at shops, especially the one where I purchased my gun (and which I like) for trustworthy and effective instructors?

    2: Given that I know little about the most effective techniques, drills, and instruction methods, how do I gauge the quality of those offering classes/courses?

    3: How much does good hourly instruction for beginners typically cost (if there is such a thing as a typical cost)?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.

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  3. RyanNREMTP

    RyanNREMTP Inactive/Banned

    What is your location? I'm sure you are somewhat close to a quality training place. Matter of fact I'm sure someone here could tell you a good place to get training once your area is determined.

  4. Live in Las Vegas, NV. Plenty of shops and ranges around . . . but I've been short of time to make some friends at any of them lately.
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  5. RyanNREMTP

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    Have you checked your state's forum here on Glock Talk? I don't know how busy it is there but you should be able to search and find some places local. I know I've heard of classes near you but since I'm not from your area I don't remember them. Hopefully someone from there will chime in. If not you can always start a thread there and see who responds.

    Good luck.
  6. I live in the Vegas area too. So, I have some good news! There is a lot of opportunities for handgun training in the area. There are many local instructors that will leave cards and brochures in the gun shops. Look near the registers usually. Also, the NRA website has an area where you can look up different classes in your area. Google search will provide some classes too. Front Sight in Pahrump is near by. Been there twice myself. The best thing I can suggest is the NRA listings.

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  7. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

    Checked out Frontsight (and signed up for their newsletter); it's a little hardcore with the marketing for me, but I haven't heard anything bad about the courses at all.

    Will definitely check the shops and NRA site.

    Again, thanks.
  8. Try Fighting Pistol by Tactical Response. They travel all over.

  9. threefeathers

    threefeathers Scouts Out

    Gator Farm Tactical gatorfarmtactical.com will travel to NV for a class of 10 or more.
  10. For those who attended Front Sight Training.. how was it? The marketing is more over the top patriotic than I need but what ever. Show me quality training, various options for weapon instruction, big time focus on safety/respect of firearms, courses that the average Joe can not get access to and that would be good enough for me.

    Being in MO it would be tuff to get trips down to NV often enough.
  11. fasteddie565

    fasteddie565 Combat Diver

    I would reconsider spending money at Frontsight. Do an in depth Google search on the owner and make your own decisions.

    The problem is that now there are so many shooting schools, many of them reputable, its hard to pick one that meets your needs. I would stay away from advice at a LGS. Look for instructors with special operations or SWAT training and look to see how long they have been in business. Not shooting, but been in business teaching people to shoot. The level of sophistication of the range etc.

    If you want basic handgun safety, the NRA is the king. If you want a jump start on carrying concealed, the NRA is probably not the place to start. I am an NRA Instructor and I just see too wide of variance in experience and ability in the NRA ranks.

    Some other things to consider are buying instructional DVD's. I particularly like the MAGPUL Dynamics for weapons manipulation while the Viking Tactics pistol disks offer beginner and advanced tactics techniques and procedures. I would also recommend that you consider attending a VT Pistol Class or a class taught by Chris Costa.


    We are neighbors, shoot me a PM with your contact info, if you want some additional information....
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  13. Check out the training section over at m4carbine.net, magpul, Larry vickers, etc are all top,of the field and post their classes along with reviews and pictures from people that attend. I have personally trained with vickers, hackathorn, Todd green, and they have all been very good at what they do. If you can't get a class with vickers he also has trained others to teach his techniques and they are called vsm trainers and their classes can be found over at greygrouptraining.com
  14. You are right; the "selling" of Frontsight is over the top. That said, you can get 4 days of training, firing 6-700 rounds from qualified instructors for a lot less than the $1-2000 advertised price -- check Google. A big advantage for you is it's only an hour's drive from Vegas. They offer a 5 day course (4-day defensive handgun course plus an additional day to qualify for a concealed weapon permit in several states including Nevada). You should be able to buy a voucher for this on the internet for a couple hundred dollars.
  15. I know a lot of guys will push a basic NRA class, but I disagree. I have seen good and bad NRA instructors, and there is no way to know which they are until you take a second class and have something to compare it to. A local NRA instructor here teaches good handgun safety, but his techniques are useless outside casual plinking with a .22 pistol. He has no concept of recoil control, not to mention anything that would help you in a self defense situation. You would need to unlearn much of what he taught, and relearn techniques that are appropriate to self defense.

    I've heard mixed reviews of Frontsight. Some of their instructors are very good, but some of their stuff is more entertainment and marketing than actual substance. I would not start there. Again, you would have no way to know if it is good or not until you take your next class.

    Gunsite would be a better option, if you can afford it. The have been a highly recommended training facility for a long time. There is a reason for that. You do pay accordingly though.

    Clint Smith is doing some training in Texas again, if you are willing to drive there. The training I got from him absolutely lived up to the hype. The guy can shoot, and has a real talent for teaching others.

    Suarez would be another top choice. I enjoyed my training with him and learned a lot. That said, some of his methods are very different than what you normally see at shooting schools in this country. His methods more closely resemble those of Eastern European shooting schools. I think he would be a better choice for a second or third class, after you have already seen the more standard methods. While some of his methods are actually better (in my opinion), they aren't always compatable with other shooting facilities. Again, highly recommended but as a second or third class.

    You may want to check out Vickers and Ayoob. Both travel a lot, and have tought classes in the Vegas area. Likewise with Hackathorn, Costa, Haley, Rogers, and several others. Good luck, and kudos to you for taking the initiative on this.
  16. I've only taken one class and that was Defensive Pistol Skills from Suarez Int'l. Nothing it in struck me as particularly out of the mainstream, but I don't have much basis for judgment. My understanding is that his intermediate and advanced level classes do deviate significantly from most training. The OP might want to check out Suarez's forum (Warriortalk) if he's curious. Also, pistol-forum.com has some very "software" oriented people on it who have taken a lot of classes.
  17. Gallium


    I have taken courses from state and nationally certified police instructors that sucked, and I have bounced potential NRA instructors from my classes (I am a NRA training counselor). The NRA is making a real concerted effort to weed out ineffectual, lazy, disinterested instructors.

    Training should be an ongoing process. Don't rush out and spend a whole lot of cash. Start local, check for reputation on the folks you intend to train with, and look at the experience & skill level of the people giving those recommendations.

    The NRA has a new course called "Defensive Pistol",and I can say with a high degree of certainty that only those who are truly vetted as solid ALL AROUND pistol instructors will be appointed with this instructor certification to teach this course.

    Outside of the NRA, there should be a lot of opportunities locally. Start by joining a range, get into competitive shooting. Look at who the good shooters are, talk with them, and hear 1st hand from them what course of training they took to get where they are.

    - G
  18. Some of the above suggestions are for very advanced instruction. Check with you local LEO's to get a police instructor. You don't want just a police officer who likes to shoot, but a state certified instructor. They have better insight into the state/local laws. They also have been carrying concealed legally longer then most NRA instructors. Later you might look into some of the advanced instruction.
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