Where to buy food-grade tubs

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by glockeglock, Apr 25, 2012.

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    What are you going to store? Five gallon buckets will hold 30+ pounds of food (rice, wheat, pasta, etc.) A 30 gallon tub of food will weigh well over 100 pounds if filled with even one of the lightest commonly stored food item - macaroni.
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    Wal-Mart will sell you used ones for a $1 each. Bleach before use.
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  6. It's POSSIBLE that someone may come into S&P, and ask questions to which they have not really thought out the question, let alone what to do with the answer. I don't think he said anything derogatory, just asked what your plans where.. heck, maybe HE is thinking of going with larger storage containers, and wanted to hear YOUR idea/plan..

    That crap said.. if I was going to store, say grains in bulk containers, I would go with plain old steel drums, with a mylar. They make them in large sizes, just for such use. I know "some people" who did 2 tons of wheat, in the 5 gallon mylars, in 55 gallon drums. We... err.. THEY, just filled the bags down in the drum, added a O2 absorber, ironed the top closed.. repeat until drum was full and then put on the lid. But I have since learned of the existence of the mylars big enough to do a whole drum at once.. If they do another load like that...

    BTW: arms and legs fold.. and will go in a 5 gallon bucket. The problem is the torsos man..
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    I agree with this comment.

    Half the time I ask a question on this forum, my premise is challenged ("why would you need to ask that question?"), rather than the question answered.

    I'm certain a major reason for the 'challenge-the-premise' responses is that people don't know the answer you're looking for. Or maybe they just want to sound informed.

    I get this all the time from salespeople. Me: "Where are your widgets?" Salesman: "What exact type of widget are you looking for?" Me: "Why, do you store different widgets in different areas of the store?" Salesman: "No, they're all together." Me: "OK, I'll start over, where are your widgets?" Salesman: "They're to the back left."

    Anyway, off topic, monitoring the thread because I'd like to know the same thing the OP wants to know. And never mind why!
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  8. Google Cambro food storage containers. They are available through several on line suppliers.
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  12. In the land of S&P, there are far more people with goofy ideas than good sense, and more Mad Max fantasies than practical tools and skills.

    Asking why such a thing is wanted is always a good idea for those reasons alone. Furthermore, if you explain what you want to do, maybe....just maybe someone out here will have a BETTER idea than you.

    I'm a consultant. when people tell me EXACTLY what they want done i pass. I have found they are rarely correct. Tell me what you want to achieve and I'll give you options with pro's and con's - then you can choose wisely.

    For those of you who know everything, fix it yourself. Or find it, as the case may be.
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    Turning into a bit of a meta-thread, but this topic is interesting to me.

    I don't think the OP was asking for consulting; he was simply asking for a source. And I don't think simply asking for a source deserves an "if you're so smart find it yourself" answer. The OP didn't claim superior intelligence. He just got peeved with the game of 20-questions that often completely derails an inquiry:

    A: What X would you recommend?
    B: What the hell do you need an X for?
    A: Will my answer change your recommendation of an X?
    B: No, but...well hell, if you're so smart, figure it out yourself!

    Translation of B: "I am omniscient and do not own an X, so neither should you."

    Hero of the week. I never had the right word for the unique sort of unhinged-ness we share on this forum (myself included), but I think that's it.
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  15. if you want yes or no answers the web is not the place to ask.

    Part of your problem is this.

    you-How do you play baseball?
    poster- you havent played before? maybe you should join a local league and read/learn the rules of the game. Here is several leagues in your state...(add link here) etc etc etc I started that way and learned so much.....

    That is how you come off. The newb, asking a question and then getting upset when someone doesnt give you that black and white answer. IMHO thats where you'r issue's are you dont take the time to actually try and learn you just want an answer.

    Before the web you learned as went...now days..folks just want the fast and easy way ...Why should anyone help you if every time they try you go off on a tantrum about the answers you get.

    free advice/answers are just that...FREE on someone else s dime, and time.
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    Your Google fu must need a tune-up because I easily found large food grade buckets on Google.

    I hate lazy people who come here asking questions that are easily answered with a 30 second search on Google. There. Two can be snarky.
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  19. Ahh the old " im doing research to make sure ...."
    before you take the leap reason... Agian..when your asking about LTS you come off like you have never done it. Your questions about it show that. Again, when you come off that way you need to understand that some will treat you that way and answer your questions that way.

    As to the tubs. There are plenty of "food grade" ones out there. But like your other TWO threads on LTS storage already I've answered the question for you when packing with Mylar.

    I apologize for the length of this post, i know you dont like it when 50 words or more are used.:wavey:

    oh and i very well may be a zealot after all, when i started packing LTS the only threads about it on the web were folks just dumping food in whatever they could find....trial and error was the means of learning ( aka time,money and effort ) vs reading "learning" like many today are accustomed to. So if i come off that way..its because i had to LEARN it ,,not just ask and read about it.
  20. I guess I am a zealot too..

    When I started to store/prep.. there was no INTERNET.


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