Where to buy Ak mags?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by voomie, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I am trying to find Ak mags in 7.62x39 for my saiga conversion. I have a bullet guide ordered. The only thing is I cant find any in stock anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get them at a reasonable price? Also they need to be US made so I can stay 922R compliant. Thanks.

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  3. Nevermind the PM I see you need US made
  4. Any updates on finding anything that isnt jacked up in price? Just placed an order through CTD only to have it canceled the next day :steamed:
  5. Nope, this is a bad time to be trying to purchase anything gun related.
  6. Glockdude1

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  7. barth

    barth six barrels

    The two sites I got my Circle 10 mags from?
    I personally emptied their stock and they remain on empty today.

    Also prices are already climbing....
    It's a little late to be getting mags.
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  8. Fear Night

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    Ammunition to go had some surplus Bulgarian military issue in stock for $29.99 a pop last night. I just checked and they are sold now as of this posting. They were $8 each not long ago. Apparently people are willing to pay inflated prices without thinking twice about it.
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  9. Just got some Egyptian surplus from Arms of America. The mags look great and were about $27 a pair. I think they have raised the price but not by much.
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  10. Just ordered a bunch from apex gun parts. New Bulgy mags for 28.00. Last bunch I ordered were perfect in every way. Course I paid 12.99 for the last ones but 28.00 is not criminal.:supergrin:
  11. Thanks for the tip! I walked into my local gun shop the other day and lo and behold, on the counter were 2 Zastava M85PV PAP pistols. NIB and just being put out on display. $850 each. I bought 'em both.

    Been looking for mags and just bought 4 of them off the Rguns site. BTW, the gun runs with Galil mags as well but it is nice to have the regular mags too.

  12. Good luck ordering from there. I placed an order on Christmas day for 4 soviet mags and haven't heard nothing on my order. The phone is always busy and they won't reply to my numerous emails.

  13. G23c

    just got an email about 2 minutes ago from "Cheaper than Diamonds" with the subject line, "magazines in stock now". $80 for 30 round surplus European, that most places had before for $15.

  14. I ordered some from there on Jan. 13th. I inquired by email the next day on the status and got a reply saying it would be a "couple weeks".
  15. Placed an order with DS Arms for two mags. I'll prob get them in a year or two....
  16. Too bad, I just sold some on the classifies here, I could have gouged you had I known!! :)

    Just kidding of course, I sold at a fair price IMO. I think $20 per mag. My local gun stores has a big box of them for sale, plastic for $29.95. No ideal what make.

  17. $70 for a steel 20 round mag????

    CTD - go eff yourself.
    People who have lost their minds - go eff yourselves.

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