Where to buy 9mm & .40cal ammo online?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by kirbinster, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. As title says, I am looking for a place to buy some ammo to use on the range in 9mm and .40cal as cheaply as possible. Any leads appreciated. Thanks.

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  3. CourtCop

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    You could try AmmoSeek.com, its an ammo search engine. Whatever you find is certainly not going to be cheap right now.

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  4. Don't know about .40, but as for 9mm...THERE AIN'T ANY!!! I suggest you bookmark every ammo dealer you can find online and open a tab on each, then make a pot of coffee and park your carcass in front of the computer and keep moving from one site to the other. The only 9mm I've seen online in past days was one site that was limiting buyers to 5 boxes at a time per day. That didn't last a day. Sites that offer decent remanufactured ammo simply cannot get components to keep up with demand. Most of them are projecting up to two months wait on any orders. Right now your best bet may be to check out www.sportsmansguide.com . They show the projected restocking dates on their various 9mm. Perhaps you can backorder some from them. Whatever you choose, be prepared to wait.
  5. RoyHinkley

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    My best advice is to find every site you can that sells ammo, bookmark them, then check them several times a day. Sometimes ammo pops up but goes away almost as fast.
    The only 9mm I've seen was a place that sells surplus ammo (can't remember the name, starts with an "s"). I saw in a thread here where some one was using it without problems.
  6. Wow I cannot believe how high the prices are at AmmoSeek, guess my local range may be the best bet for now :(
  7. Here's another place to locate ammo sales:


    Place on there has surplus Pakistani 9mm 124fmj in 1250 round lots fairly cheap, but it's apparently '80's manufacture and I for one wouldn't use it.
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  9. RoyHinkley

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  10. robhic

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    SGAmmo.com , Palmetto State Armory, Surplus Ammo (Washington state) in order of preference.

    Freedom Munitions
    sells both new and reloads of high quality. And as suggested above, go to all you can find and keep watch. It's scarce but ammo IS available.
  11. Freedom has shut down orders to clear back log. Could have reopened by now but I checked late last week
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  12. Freedom has put some ammo up on their website occasionally over the past few weeks, but you'd better be looking at the site when it's posted because it's gone just that quickly. One poster on Freedom's FB page said that he's seen their ammo on auction sites being offered for 2-3 times what Freedom charges for it in the first place, so guess where most it is going?

    On a side note, a friend of mine in Ohio walked into a gun shop yesterday and walked out with two CASES of CCI Blazer Brass in 9mm for $13/box! He thought there would be a limit but the guy told him he could buy all he wanted. He's going back today for another case. Sorry, don't know the name of the shop and don't think they sell online. Just goes to prove some people have all the luck.
  13. I snagged a case of lawman on lucky gunner last week. Prices are high right now but it's good ammo and they shipped FAST. Ordered Wednesday. Delivered Friday.
  14. Midway should be getting some soon.
  15. SCmasterblaster

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    I hope that they have primers.

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