Where is your Light mounted on your M4?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by BLACK Z, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. I keep mine at 3 o' clock. I find it helps prevents white light ND's, and keeps it away from my gear....then again, I set my weapons up the same way I set my weapon up at my unit.



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  2. 3 o'clock position

  3. 6 o'clock, in an Elzetta mount, just forward of a magpul AFG.

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  4. Three o clock works for me. I use my left thumb to operate my surefire light cap mounted in a VTAC mount. I use a vertical grip which is comfortable for me
  5. X300 @ 12:00 works best for me.
  6. 3:00 for me.

  7. My TRL-1 is mounted at the 3 o'clock position. If I had a mid or full lenght I would mount it at the 6 o'clock position.
  8. 1:30 for me. Works well, keeps it out of the way when I don't want it, close enough to activate with a finger if I need it.
  9. LA_357SIG

    LA_357SIG Milspectacular

    I have grow to like the VFG/4:30 combo. I am not a thumb over bore style shooter and having the VFG up front puts support hand thumb in a good position to toggle a tail cap button.

    Since I'm dumping the quad rail, my next purchase will be the IWC MOE light mount @ 10:30.
  10. LA_357SIG

    LA_357SIG Milspectacular

    Have you tried an A-frame rail? When I had a carbine, I had a TRL-1 mounted to the FSB and it worked out well.
  11. Why are you ditching the quad rail?
  12. nastytrigger

    nastytrigger Mediocre Member

    3 o'clock on my 10.5" LMT upper, Bushy lower. It's a Surefire G2 in a Vltor mount. No pressure switch.

    I'm a lefty, and I've found that to be the best setup.

    I don't have a current pic. I still only have a pic of when my Bushy was the Patrolman model. Even before putting on rails and Aimpoint.
  13. LA_357SIG

    LA_357SIG Milspectacular

    My needs outweigh my wants. I have no need for a quad rail.
  14. 3 o clock with a pressure switch mounted on the VFG
  15. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    I use a Streamlight TLR-1 at 9 o'clock. Anyone else run a "pistol" light on a carbine?
  16. I have plans to do just that. Right now I'm using an old G2 in an offset mount. I love the TLR-1s on my G17...though I disabled the strobe feature immediately.
  17. Hour13

    Hour13 Tah-dah!

    Kinda the same boat here. I've made the move away from quad-rails to MOE handguards, especially on my mid-lengths. For my uses, I have no need for a top rail on the forearm, and only part of the rail on the sides. The only full rail I make use of is the bottom. So why am I going to haul the extra weight of a quad-rail around?

    MOE guards, and add the rails only where I need them. Comfortable, lightweight, and effective, even if they don't look as cool, lol.
  18. Hour13

    Hour13 Tah-dah!

    Oh, and OP...

    10:30 support side, I use an AFG, so that's perfect for quick activation.
  19. not personally but this seems to be a growing trend especially with the "cutout" rails that extend beyond the front sight. if it works it works, my TLR-1 and the X300s are every bit as bright as my Scout M300A "rifle" light.

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