Where Is Springfield RO Made?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by ditto1958, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Is the Range Officer made in Brazil or USA? I have seen conflicting statements on this.

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  3. The ones I have seen don't have an obvious brazil mark on them( though SA has been known to hide it!) so my guess like most non brazil marked guns the major parts are Brazilian ( slide frame barrel) and they are assembled here. There is no such thing as a 100% American made SA inc 1911. Not to say they are not good guns but I like my 1911's American made.

  4. All Springfield 1911s use Brazilian forgings, even the custom guns.

    To be honest, I'm not sure where the RO is assembled. I believe the TRP is still assembled here.
  5. fnfalman

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    They're made from the same joint that have been making for Springfield Armory these last thirty years or so: IMBEL of Brazil.
  6. Jason D

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    It has been claimed and kind of backed up from SA, that they are assembled in Ill. Evidently all NM marked guns are assembled in Illinois, though the components come from Brazil. Since the majority of gun is assembled here in the US they don't need to be stamped Brazil.

    The only true Springfield Armory 1911 made in the USA was made by the old Government arsenal and issued to Soldiers during WWI
  7. Springfield builds one of the better consumer 1911's regardless. I'd take a basic loaded over any of the Kimbers any day.
  8. I'm not a Loaded fan, but I'd take a TRP over any Kimber other than the Super Match or Gold Combat.
  9. faawrenchbndr

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  10. I end up tearing them all apart and rebuilding them anyway regardless of what I start with, but I've had several of both brands and the SA are a much nicer gun.
  11. Like I said, I was never impressed with the Loaded model. I'd sooner take a standard GI or Mil Spec. Other than that, I'd just step up to the TRP. :cool:
  12. Truedat. At least then you can fit a beavertail and get rid of any gap.

    Even my TRP has a bit more gap than I like after I fit the Wilson beavertail.




  13. I'm going to disagree with this.
    I love the Springer Mil-Specs. Have several.
    I picked up a used (Hardly) for just a bit more than a Mil-Spec and I think it is a great gun.
    There are certain things I do to all my 1911's and the Loaded is no different.
    But overall I like it a lot more than the Mil-Specs.
    As long as the price is right I would definitely take it over the Mil-Spec.
  14. Same thing as a Jap bike. They are built in Japan and some components are assembled here. Does that make them "Made in the USA"? Hardly.
  15. Jason D

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    Tell that to those that brag about their NM numbered guns. The same people that piss on the N marked guns.

    I have handled a couple NM marked Springfields that SA should ashamed of themselves for putting out
  16. Good info. I kicked my IMBEL/Brazil SA 1911 to the curb and am on the hunt for a US 1911. Considering the Para Black Ops double stack or a Sig Tac Ops. I like black guns:) Like the Colts, but the Rail Gun seems a bit steep IMHO.

  17. Well since Para is basically Canadian and Sig is basically German I'd say you probably will get what you deserve.
  18. So your saying, buy the Colt?

  19. I believe Husker was pointing out the ridiculousness of talking down other "foreign" makes " (who may employ American workers) by propping up "american" makes (who may be owned by foreign companies)

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  20. So, if someone wanted the "most" American 1911 possible, what are my best options?



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