where is all the .22 LR ammo?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by C/O-RC, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. my google-Fu is weak and i cant find any. Looking for good quality something like CCI mini for my new pistol break in. THANKS!

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  2. I was at a Gun show in NC today. 22lr was selling like gold.
    100 rd box of cci mini mag selling for $20. One dealer was asking $70 for a box of Fed 550 that Walmart sells for $20.

    Now is not the time to be buying 22lr.

  3. Faulkner

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    There are two types of shooters right now; There are those who stocked up over time on ammo when it was in low demand and readily plentiful. These people are referred to as "prepared".

    The second group are those who didn't recognize that our leftist President was biding his time just waiting for the right political moment to unleash his anti-gun agenda. These same people assumed guns and ammo would always be available at their local gun store or Walmart and didn't set any back for a rainy day. These people are referred to as "unprepared."

    So, to answer your question, .22 ammo manufacturers can't make it fast enough to keep pace of the buying frenzie of the unprepared people. The prepared people already have their ammo.
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  4. I get that now isnt the right time to buy .22 but i never had a .22 before. Is anyone online selling any at a not so crazy price?
  5. You got that correct. Right now it's hard enough to replace what you shoot up each range session.

    But there is a certain stock level I will not go below, even if I have to quit shooting that caliber for awhile. Hint the number is in the thousands for each common caliber.
  6. jmarkt

    I am what u would call prepared, but i am still buying when I find it at decent price.:embarassed:
  7. I was at Academy today and, aside from the usual ammo shortage, every single box of shotgun ammo was sold out...slugs, buckshot, birdshot, target...everything. The random hunting calibers were even getting thinned out. Simply amazing.
  8. Right now, 22lr is not a cheap plinking caliber anymore. I have a decent stock of it, but I really don't like shooting as much right now with the constant panic buying.
  9. Since the last (klinton) gun and ammo shortage a bunch of us shooters have been trying to convince shooters to stock up at least a years worth of ammo and/or start reloading.

    I guarantee that when ammo becomes available again most shooters will still not stock up.:upeyes:

    The ones I feel sorry for are like the two ladies I'm currently teaching to shoot. They didn't have time to prepare.
    One just bought a AR a couple days before the bottom fell out, so she didn't have time to get any .223 ammo.

    Both ladies can't find 22LR anywhere, so today I'll give them a couple thousand rounds of 22 and some hundreds of rounds of .223 and .380 reloads.

    BUT, I told them, since recently I tore both my shoulders I can't run the loading press (or shoot) they will have to learn to reload their own .223 and .380.

    They are looking forward to it.:)
  10. As usual I agree with M2. I love the people who throw around the label of hoarder.
  11. That's the right attitude and as another poster said, if the craziness continues which I doubt, I'll stop shooting when I reach a certain number.

    Not likely to happen in my case. I bought quite a bit prior to the Obozo's reelection but wondered if I shouldn't have purchased even more. Don
  12. I do have real sympathy though for someone who may not have been very knowledgeable about things like the panic buying after Obummer's first election and buys their first gun or whatever and now can't find ammo to shoot in it. Don
  13. just picked up a box of CCI 500 rds for $35. LGS had plenty more.
  14. I would of bought a few more than. I've been preparing since 2004, but ammo is a consumable for anyone who actually shoots regularly.
  15. Steel Head

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    I shoot 22 A LOT-I got a screaming deal on CCI blazer a few years ago so I stocked up-I'm sittin pretty for a while:supergrin:
  16. The_Gun_Guru

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    a couple years ago I bought a 5000 round case of Centurion for 160 dollars. I probably have about 8000 rounds total of 22 right now.

    it's all about being prepared :)

  17. try ammoseek.com to search the web for the best price
  18. Faulkner

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    I'll not say how much I have on hand but I've not cut back on my weekly shooting and I'm not worried about running out.
  19. That's a ripoff but sometimes you have no other options. Don
  20. aircarver

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    ... So, I suppose the days of 'a penny apiece' are gone ? ... :shocked:



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