Where does it all end? -- An IDPA quandry....

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by Spike52, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Cover garment? What, like a smoking jacket? Been wanting to get a pipe anyways...

    That tears it. I'm hitting the IDPA website tonight for a little light reading... Yawn.


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  2. waktasz

    waktasz Gamer Scumbag

    You'd be my hero if you showed up to a match dressed like Hef.

  3. With a 'Playmate' on each arm...
  4. I'm taking my G22 out to a club match this Sat. for that very reason. It is at the front of my bedroom safe and the more comfortable I am with that the better.
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  5. That's not likely... And I don't think I'd exactly blend in in a smoking jacket and yacht cap...

    I'm just going for a minimal non-goofball look. Jeans & t-shirt. Tactical jeans & t-shirt of course.
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  6. Just as long as it's "Tactical" and not "Tacky-cal"!:tongueout:
  7. All the guys in my club wear those silly ass photographer's vests. Pockets galore, so you can stuff a retained mag in any pouch that's available. They're also kinda hefty around the bottom, so they "sweep" well out of the way of your gun, to allow you fast draw, while not grabbing your cover garment. IDPA sells their official one for $60.... I use a dickie shirt, or another button-up shirt with a heavy knit faberic. I can't stand the vests. Just too tacticool for me. Using a T-shirt for concealment, sucks. The stretch of the fabric will always cling to your gun, and hand. 3/5 draws I grabbed my shirt. Once my shirt was completely around the gun, and I ripped the shirt through my hand like a magician with a table cloth. Nearly dropped my gun. Always use something you can "sweep" out of the way for cover.

    I also use my EDC CCW tuckable IWB holster, for IDPA. It fits both my ESP and BUG guns.
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  8. Hawaiian shirt for me.

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  9. waktasz

    waktasz Gamer Scumbag

    I wore an unbuttoned baseball jersey once.

    I wanted my corny vest back afterwards.
  10. i like idpa it keeps me and my pistol very friendly,not such a bad thing in todays climate.and i really had no defensive skiils till i started idpa,i feel more ready to carry a fire arm than i have ever bin.due to idba i feel very safe handling fire arms now and
    better understanding of the responsibilty involved with weapons.
  11. Shooting IDPA, your gunhandling skills can't help but improve.

    FWIW, a friend of mine made Master w/a G19. It's doable.
  12. I shoot my 19 for carry practice at the IDPA events. I don't worry about winning, just enjoy the practice and the friendships of other shooters. I shoot to win in S.A.S.S. to be the top cowboy in town.
  13. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I've settled on using my G23/or G22 in .40 or my G19 in 9mm. I love the way they feel, to me I can get back on target quicker than I can with the longer slide models I've owned in the past. To me, it's best to shoot with whatever it is you're likely to be carrying or have laying around the home, and for me, it's these. Might as well get used to whatever it is you carry, I think that's the whole point of the game...and having fun. Just don't shoot bunny fart loads!
  14. Just an update. Blade-tech is better than a month out on orders, so my gf is letting me use her rig. Same BT package I'll be ordering. You can find it on the Google: kydex paddle holster, double mag pouch, practice safety bbl.

    Heading out Saturday to observe and get a refresher how we do things. Watch & listen. Gun will be holstered under cover garment in case I'm urged to try it. I'll be ready.

  15. IDPA can be different things for different people.

    A chance to compete, a chance to go to the range and just do some different type of shooting, a chance to go and practice/train your defensive pistol skills, a chance to hang out with friends and just have fun, etc....

    It really just depends on what you want to get out of it.

    For me, I have gone out to matches (local matches only) and shot to compete - trying to finish in the top 3 shooters etc..., but nowadays I find myself going out and just using the "event" as a practice/training venue.

    I use my EDC Glock 19 in my EDC Kramer belt scabbard and mag pouch - I only add a second mag pouch for the shoot (since I normally just carry 1 spare mag).

    To the OP: Go out and give it a go with your Glock 19, have fun, and see where it leads. :cool:
  16. Orive I could not agree more.

    I shoot my G27 to have fun and target practice and just figure out what it's like to draw and shoot.

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  17. Bubbiesdad

    Bubbiesdad IDPA SO


    I shoot IDPA for trigger time. And to be around fellow shooting enthusiasts. Yes, it's nice to have your name near the top of the list when the scores are posted. But all you get in the monthly club shoots is an atta boy.

    You get time getting familiar at drawing and presenting your firearm. It's a more interesting target practice than standing still and shooting a stationary target.
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  18. Right now, I'm using my G27/26 as my (enhanced- because of LWD barrel) IDPA match gun (street legal), and am improving weekly (weakly ?? :wavey:)

    If I get to a plateau where my subcompact prevents me from shooting well enough to defend myself, then I'll consider something else.

    At some point, I WILL switch it back to .40.
  19. Spike, I urge you to go Saturday and shoot. No need to go and sit on the sidelines, go to play. Our IDPA matches are a blast. Good luck and stay safe,
  20. Thanks for the encouragement, Mike!
    I'll check in after with a report.

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