Where are all the primers?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by whenmonkeysfly, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. shotgunred

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    freak is that you?

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  2. IndyGunFreak

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    LOL... That's 700 boxes of primers. At an average of $30 a box, thats 21k.

    I sure hope they don't start dinging your credit card before you have a chance to cancel..lol...


  3. njl


    That's just ridiculous. That's about $17500 (plus shipping and hazmat). OTOH, if you actually took delivery of them and paid a reasonable price, it's probably one of the safer investments you can make. Does anyone foresee primer prices falling?
  4. Ask the people at the gun shows with tables full of $70/1000 primers.
  5. njl


    Those are the same sorts of idiots who kept their "hicap" mags at 2002 prices years after the AWB sunset.
  6. Poppa Bear

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    That is because they were idiots who purchased those same mags at inflated prices to start with. They needed to sell them at that price just to break even on their investment.:rofl::rofl:
  7. IndyGunFreak

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    Yes, once Osama is out of office. Without dragging political issues into the Reloading forum.. I think the current crisis of ammo and reloading supplies is strictly based on fear of our current leader.

    Case in point.. Another, non-gun forum that I am a member of(but use my IndyGunFreak handle), I've had a friend on there for 3-4yrs. We've never met, but we've corresponded for a while and I would consider him a friend. He's in NJ, and although he is conservative on almost every issue there is, he was fairly left on the gun issue. I lost touch with him over much of last year, as his wife dealt w/ some health issues. About a week ago, he sends me a message, and wanted to get my opinion on some different firearms he'd looked at. To say I was stunned, is an understatement. He apparently has already taken a "no fire" safety class, and had a friend who was taking him to the range to shoot some weapons. I told him to shoot the guns he has and get back to me with what he liked, and I'd give him some opinions.

    We've hashed out the gun control debate before, so this was a surprise. He told me the current administration has him absolutely terrified. Wait till he sees what the State of NJ has done to castrate gun owners.. he might just exodus to PA.. ;)

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  8. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    That is a perfect example(no, I never did that.. ;)).

  9. Without a doubt.:supergrin:

    They also have stupid prices on tables full of 22lr.
  10. gateway rifle and pistol club had some today. jacksonville florida
    I love being a member. paid off a little today 26 plus tax for 1000
  11. wavetrain75

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    I just was in my friendly local sporting goods dealer yesterday and they had all the primers you could want right on the shelf. Winchester and CCI, $30/1000, not the best price but not bad, and the "limit 1 box per customer" sign was gone. Good variety of powder and brass too.
  12. Mine are in transit someplace on the way to my house. 5K SPP, 2K SRP and 4lb of powder. Gotta get the most out of that hazmat fee!
  13. Boy you got that right NJ is nuts with there laws .
  14. droberts

    droberts John 3:16

    Try calling Simmons Sporting Goods, largest gun dealer in Al. If they order specials for me I usually get them in less then a week. I pay around 25-30 bucks per 1000, any kind of primer I need. Plus they will ship ! Their # is 205-425-4720. Ask for Dale or Jeff. They dont get paid on commission but really love their work and care about the customers. Tell them David Roberts told you about them. I hope this helps. Last week I did notice they had around 400,000 on the shelves and I know they get shipments in weekly
  15. Just another reason to join the NRA. Why do you think the corrupt politicians aren't bringing up gun control (or ammo control) now? They have the senate and house on their side and could pass anything they want. Because a good number of them know that more gun laws would be the end of their political career. Even the most rabid anti-gun politicians like schumer and feinstein are keeping quiet on this one.

    Joining the NRA will be the best $25 you ever spent.
  16. The "obama effect" has been the cause of all the ammo shortages. And still is. Ruger, S&W, and other gun makers have all had records sales. Obama has been the top salesman at all the gun stores. Although he has not done any gun related stuff, he is on record that he thinks citizens should not own guns.

    Many folks remember what happened in 1993 under clinton and they don't want to be caught without ammo. Some also fear that they may need to defend themselves against.....
  17. Seemingly the tough ones are LR and SP right now.

    But, the real tough nut is Federal in any flavor! Gold Medal primers are vaporware.

  18. Must be area dependent. We have both of those on the shelves right now. Including Federal. Also Benchrest primers.
  19. mitchshrader

    mitchshrader Deceased

    The money is tighter than it was and that's the other half of the reason you're seeing primers. I fully intend to spend a few hundred on primers and other components, but it'll be a month before I can squeeze it into the budget. I'm darn glad I bought a few while they were cheap..
  20. Where are the primers? The primers are in! (along with a pinch of powder, and some booolits too) :wavey:



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