Where are all the primers?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by whenmonkeysfly, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Anyone willing to share where you purchase primers in bulk? Everywhere I look (primarily Internet sales) I can't find 'em. Everyone stays sold out. (Local shops have very few and typically charge a lot for 1k.) My reloading and practice is suffering! Can anyone help? PMs welcome if your not willing to share with the Glock Talk masses. Thanks in advance!


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  3. IndyGunFreak

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    It's not a real secret, you just can't be picky on brand... Wolf seems to be the brand that gets restocked the most frequently right now...

    Wideners, Powder Valley, Natchezss, Grafs.. Get in line and wait is about all you can do.


  4. Wideners had some Wolf primers when I looked last week. From what I have seen primers are still pretty iffy. I had a few thousand put back last year, and have not bought any in a long time. If it keeps up much longer we're all going to be shooting airsoft and paintball guns! Two years ago, between IDPA matches and practice I was regularly shooting 700-1000 rds. of .45 ACP a month, now I shoot one match a month and total 200-250 rds. a month, it sucks!:crying:
  5. According to Widners web site they have CCI large and small rifle, PMC small pistol, and Wolf large pistol, small rifle, small rifle magnum, large rifle, and large rifle magnum.
  6. I know primers are a little spendy but if you want to get quantity, you have to order quantity. The odds are that you won't get them all at once any way. The average wait can be from 1.5 months to 5+ months depending upon the pecking order.

    Order at least 10,000 of any one type, more if you can. I guarantee you can sell all the ones you dont shoot. Last time I looked I was somewhere over 700,000 on order from three different suppliers.

    If the grid goes down, or there is a huge tax on them, the ones that you have may be the last ones you WILL have! Follow up your order with more orders. You can always say; no thank's and turn the order away before they are shipped if you work with the right suppliers.
  7. Poppa Bear

    Poppa Bear Protective G'pa

    Log on to the various sites and put your name in line or sign up for email reminders when it comes in stock.

    I put my name in December of 2008 and got 10K of small pistol in April of 2009. I shoot about 500 to 800 rounds a month and am already into my second sleeve. Ordered another 10K early 2009 so I have a little under 15K on hand. When I break the second 10K I will order another 20K.

    If you buy on a back order status you will get them eventually, so order enough to make it worth while.
  8. 700,000. :shocked:

    Now that's called hedging your bets... :faint:
  9. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    I don't know. Just don't look in my closet.:whistling:

    And this is why there is a shortage. Why would anyone need 700,000 primers? I admit to owning 20k but 700K is beyond the pale for a non dealer.
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  10. Either he's stocking up for the next 50 years or so or he's going to cancel most of the orders once he has the amount he wants.

    I suspect the latter, but the former is always a possibility! :faint:
  11. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    The Tooth Fairy announced today that because of the scarcity and elevated cost of primers he is going to change his age old tradition of leaving money under a pillow for lost teeth.

    My Fairy states that henceforth he will leave one brick of primers for each tooth lost by a qualified reloader. He also states that logistical complications prohibit him from guaranteeing specific primer brands or sizes.

    When asked if he thought the change in policy would be popular Mr. Fairy smiled with a mouthful of pearly whites and replied; "I think a lot of reloaders are going to develop a fondness for soup."

  12. Hoser

    Hoser Ninja

    You are going to have to resort to calling places and placing a backorder.
  13. but gander mountain in jax
  14. I haven't posted in awhile : I have read several of the old posts . Has everyone forgotten last spring you were saying it was going to take a year. I order some primers back in October from Grafs and to date have them all. Nothing elaborate.

    I think these companies are still playing catch up. Poor Mr Obama is running around with his tail between his legs. I'll bet by next Spring things will be pretty smooth.

    Quite frankly I am surprised a thread on this subject is still on the front page. I was going to post last week on some threads. But decided I'd be better off coming back when the smoke cleared. I see it has
  15. I read that Freedom Gunworks on the Brian Enos forum had gotten in quite a few but I don't know if they have any left.

    The Tooth Fairy was by yesterday and left me 10,000 Federal Small Pistol primers that I ordered from Cabela's back in June. Still waiting for the 10,000 Large Pistol. Good thing I'm shifting to a .40 for awhile only got 8,000 bullets though.
  16. jomocon

    jomocon Jo-Ann

    On 1/12, my DH ordered 10,000 small pistol primers from Cabelas on the web. It said backordered. They sent hm an email on 1/13 saying they were shipped. We should get them on 1/15. That is really fast.
  17. Why doesn't anyone use the sticky: Wasn't it developed for new people to find out where to get primers??
  18. Things are getting better in central Tejas. I have been able to pickup all the primers I need locally at either Cabela's (from time to time) or at the local gun show if I'm willing to pay a few dollars more.
  19. I just p/u 1000 count box of CCI primers for reloading 9m today and he only had one box left of Federal.....
    2 yrs ago I bought 3 boxes(3000)Federal Matched 215 primers for reloading,still have em been useing CCI......
  20. Lazy people don't read (books or stickies), they don't do searches; they just type and expect to be spoon fed. Welcome to the current age.
  21. Went to a show in PA last month. The dealer had about 200,000 on the table which is 40 boxes of Wolf 5,000 per box@$135 per 5,000. No shortage here. readily available.

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