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Where are all of the Glock 21 Long Slides

Discussion in 'Long Slide Forum' started by Boba Debt, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Boba Debt

    Boba Debt

    Aug 21, 2011
    I’m getting ready to build one and checked this forum to see if others had posted their builds but couldn’t find any threads about them.

    What’s up with that?
  2. Change the thread display options to show all 52 threads and you will find at least 1.

  3. Boba Debt

    Boba Debt

    Aug 21, 2011
    I did search all of the threads and found a huge thread that had some scattered though it but I was looking for a threads dedicated to G21s.

    Recently I bought 2 G21s, a brand new G21SF locally for $545 and a used blue label G21SF RTF2 from another forum member for $650.

    I was able to sell the slide from the new G21 for $400 so now I have a frame and some mags for my G21 Long Slide Project.
  4. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Should work pretty well for you, at one time I had a G20 longslide but in retrospect I wish I had made a G21 longslide. The idea of having a 6" slide with a 6.6" threaded barrel shooting 250gr+ .45 Supers at likely over 1250-1300 fps sounds mighty nice to me.
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  5. How about running those bullets at 1500-1600 fps? My G21L slide and threaded 6.6" barrel are about to be shipped from Lone Wolf chambered in 460 Rowland!

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  6. All my pieces and parts showed up today...

    Introducing my new G21L in 460 Rowland -- I call it the "MAXIMUS"!!!

  7. happie2shoot


    Jan 5, 2008
    please keep us posted, I am doing a 460 on a mod30 and
    maybe a 21 too.
  8. kussor


    Jul 3, 2013
    and do what with it? :) That's not really enough power for anything but hogs and deer. Many states allow only 357 or .44 for hunting deer sized game, too. It's about like 20 ga slug "power", nothing special about it for hunting. It's much too hard to control in rapidfire, as well as being so huge and heavy that you have to lug it around in a briefcase, so it's not likely to be useful for defensive work, cause it just wont BE there when you need a gun.
  9. COSteve


    Jan 14, 2014
    I don't know how much the comp weighs, but I've weighed my custom Custom G20/21L and with the 10mm barrel, it weighs 4.74 oz more than a stock G20, at 33.2oz empty without the magwell (as I carry it in the field) and only 50.3oz fully loaded with 17+1 rds of 180grn 10mm. Compare that to the weight of a S&W 6" 686 357mag's empty weight of 44.9 oz and a loaded weight of 48.4 oz but with only 6 rds on board (1/3 as many my G20L).

    Further, my handloads fire bullets that are larger in diameter and heavier weight (165grn vs 158grn) at higher velocities than my 357mag revolvers producing well over 900 ft/lbs of muzzle energy! And, for dangerous animals, 200grn hardcast 10mm rounds far out shadow heavy 357mag hunting loads. Add to that the superior ergonomic design of the semi-auto's grip allows for significantly faster followup shots due to the virtual absence of muzzle rise as compared to a revolver and the choice for a field defense weapon is a no brainer.

    And loading a std 13rd mag (13+1) of 230grn acp, my G21L weighs 33.2+11.9 of ammo and mag=45.1oz loaded weight. Compare that to the weight for a S&W 4506 loaded with 8rds (7+1) which is 41.6+9.0
    of ammo and mag=50.6oz loaded weight, showing that my G21L weighs 5oz less even with 6 more rounds on board. In fact, at 45.1oz, my G21L with 13+1 rds weighs exactly the same as my Springfield Mil-Spec 5" Gov't size with on 7+1 on board, however, with a longer slide, longer sight radius, higher velocities, and 6 extra rounds.

    It seems to me that the extra power of the 460 Rowland would make it a direct comparison with the 44mag and in a weight and recoil contest with something like a S&W 629 with a 6" barrel at 45oz empty, a 460 Rowland G21L would be the walk away winner for the same reasons as my G20L is against a S&W 626.

    I find it very comfortable on long hikes in the Rockies in my Yaqui Slide holster as it's tight against my side and doesn't feel as bulky as my 357mag revolvers. In addition, a single extra mag gives me plenty of firepower and a fast reload.
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