When were you in the Navy?

Discussion in 'US Navy Forum' started by LDNN, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Doc8404

    Doc8404 Master Chief

    what a varied career! just awesome brother.

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  2. 1958-1962

  3. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    Thanks, I wanted to get as much out of my career as possible. I think I missed out on a couple of things, but I'm very happy with the things worked out.
  4. 1974 to 1992 SKC/SS (Ret)
    OSVET from USAF
  5. 1969-74 ABH-2
    NAS Lakehurst
    NAS Whiting Field
    OLF Middleton
    Ft Rucker
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  6. rohanreginald

    rohanreginald Novice

    92 to 95. It was the dept of the navy. I was a jarhead.

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  7. Thank for openly admitting the Marines are Navy personnel! Usually it's a point of frustration for most marines.

    Oh, and there is a Marine Corps forum where you can connect with other jarheads (your term, not mine, but I don't disagree :))
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  8. 1994-2010. HM2/Corpsman, FMF; commissioned to nurse corps enroute care nurse/med battalion. Out as 03.
  9. Merlin40

    Merlin40 Merlin40

    I added to your poem. Hope it was ok.:

    My Evening Prayer (To the Bad Guys)

    Now I lay me down to sleep,

    Beside my bed, a Glock I keep.

    If I should awake, and find you inside,

    A Coroners van, will be your last ride.

    Calling 911 is not what I do,

    My hands are steady, my aim is true.

    Break into my home, and take what is mine?

    You create your own funeral, in a very short time.

    Please understand,

    This is no idle threat,

    I WILL protect what is mine,

    And with lethal force, you’ll be met.

    So do as you will,

    Let your conscience decide,

    Live and let live,

    Or break in, and die.
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  10. Weste

    CMC Retired. CM A School, Port Hueneme, CA 1969. Active duty with the Naval Nuclear Power Unit from March 1970 to July 1978. Wintered over at McMurdo in1972. Drilling reserve until Jan 1994. 26 years, one month and 16 days total.
  11. 1966 - 1971 MM2(SS)
    USS Clamagore SS 343
    USS Nautilus SSN 571
    USS John Adams SSBN 620
    USS Von Stuben SSBN 632
  12. GKC1

    As my signature line says: 1969 to 1973.

    I enlisted in 1969, and went to basic training and hospital corps school in San Diego. I did my internship on the Burn ward, and that was one incredibly awful experience. Following that, I went to OR Technician school in Corpus Christi, Texas (which was one year OJT.) Following that, I went to Optician Technician school for six months in Williamsburg, VA. That completed the first two years of my enlistment, and then the Navy decided it was time for me to go to work. I spent the last two years of my enlistment at Cherry Point, NC, where I was POIC of the Eye Clinic, and I also stood night/weekend duty in the ER.

    There were about 10,000 grunts on the base at that time, and about 9,999 of them got drunk and fought every weekend...so we got to see and repair a lot of them in the ER. When we pulled ER duty, we were on watch from 1700 on Friday until 0800 on Monday, and in theory we were supposed to be able to sleep sometime during those hours...however, most of the time we were seeing patients non-stop during those hours. I've sewed up or otherwise patched up many a drunk Marine, and almost all of them were incredibly grateful for me just doing my job.
  13. sig83

    Gunners' Mate
    USS Ticonderoga CG-47

    A few weeks ago I found out there is no more GM "A" School. So do FC's fire the 5in54s or are those guns obsolete too?
  14. 1997 - present

    Flight Officer (as the name says)
    currently spending money and pushing papers at the Pentagon.
  15. '88 - '08, AE1(AW)
    I started out working on P-3 Orions, and spent the rest of my career on H-60 Seahawks. I spent my last three years working in IT which set me up for my new career.
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  16. From 70-74, Midway Island and USS Severn (AO-61). From 78-95 USS Vogelgesang (DD-862), NRC Cadillac MI, RedCom13, USS Esteem (MSO-438), Adak AK, USS Arkansas (CGN-41), Navy Resale HQ Pacific NW, NROTC Texas Tech.
  17. bdcremer

    bdcremer The No SpinZone

    No more "A" school? Every Gunner's Mate should have to experience the big green glass building and buffing concrete.
  18. ATN3 '67 Tonkin Gulf Yacht club....HS-2 "Big Mothers"
  19. USN 1961 to 1965
    CVA 60 Saratoga 1963 to 1965 ETN2
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  20. RPVG

    Well, I was in the Marines (a Department of the Navy) from '66 to '74. (RVN '67, 68, 69.) Does that count?

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