When were you in the Navy?

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  1. AT2 VP-45 '93-'99

    Boot at RTC Orlando, school in Millington, TN & Jax, FL, then 4.5yrs at NAS Jacksonville, FL. Spent a LOT of time fixin' avionics and loading sonobouys north of Iceland playing with Ivan.

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  2. 1983-1987 AQAN AQ's were 160% overmanned, detailers sorta messed up, so I went to Naval Weapon Station Concord, CA Never saw an aircraft, but sure put lots of Harpoons together. Got my microminiature electronics school and rating, got out and became a truck driver... go figure.

  3. Us navy 1975 - 1981
    firecontrol technician guns (ftg1)
    uss shenandoah ad-26 1976-1979
    uss lawrence ddg-4 1979 - 1981
    presently gs-13 electronics tech supervisor
    at nssa-rmc, norfolk va

    glock 22 gen 4
  4. 1980-1984 AQ3.
    USS John F Kennedy VAST shop 1981-1984.
  5. bdcremer

    bdcremer The No SpinZone

    1995-2000, Gunner's Mate 2nd class on board the USS Hue City CG-66.
    Mount 51 mount captain
    Flight Deck smash & crash crew

    I should have never gotten out.
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  6. 1988-2008

    Ships - USS Peterson (DD-969) and USS Simpson (FFG-56)
    Overseas - GTMO and an IA tour in Baghdad
    Shore - Groton, Norfolk, Mayport, and Buckley AFB CO
  7. 1986-2007, YNC(SS) (Ret)

    USS ALBANY (SSN 753)
    Naval Sea Systems Command
    Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic
  8. 1975-1979 photographers mate PH2. Orlando bootcamp,Pensacola photography A school,NAS Bermuda.Norfolk,back to Bermuda,NAS Patuxent River VXN-8,Photography C school Key West,Finished off my tour back at Pax.
  9. July 2001 - Present
    ET1 (SW) Nuke
  10. 1990-2010, HM1(FMF/CAC)

    NH Jacksonville, Fl
    BMC Mayport, Fl
    1/10 2D MARDIV MCBCL, NC
    NMCRC Orlando, Fl
    MAG-24, HMH-463, MALS-24 MCBH K-Bay
    NOMI Pensacola, Fl
  11. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    Enjoy your retirement. :wavey:
  12. Harrison

    Harrison Quiet Member

    Navy Nuke 1973-1981 MM1

    USS South Carolina CGN 37
    USS Nimitz CVN 68
    USS L.Y. Spear AS 36

    I also did some time on the USS Dixie AD 14 in San Diego waiting for my nuke class to form up. :cool:
  13. Before the Navy was a "global force for good." Back in the days when we were supposed to kill people and break things.
  14. Doc8404

    Doc8404 Master Chief

    I started with VA-34!
  15. 1982-2004 etc/ss nav/esm
  16. Skc(sw/aw/scw) 1983-2006
  17. 1968 - 1990 YNCS (Ret)
  18. Merlin40

    Merlin40 Merlin40

    I copied this, and saved it. I did 20+ years. I know the feelings this causes in me. I still dream about my time in the Navy. I'd be there still, if I could. Time and age are hell on a man. Just reading this puts a wistful tear in my eye. (no joke)
  19. Merlin40

    Merlin40 Merlin40

    A Sailors Poem

    Old Sailors sit and chew the fat

    'bout how things use to be,

    of the things they've seen and places they've been,

    when they ventured out to sea.

    They remember friends from long ago

    and the times they had back then,

    of the money they've spent,and the beer they've swilled

    in their days as sailing men.

    Their lives are lived in days gone by,

    with thoughts that forever last,

    of Dixie cup hats and bell bottom blues,

    and the good times in their past.

    They recall long nights with a moon so bright

    far out on a lonely sea,

    and thoughts they had as youthful lads,

    when their lives were unbridled and free.

    They know so well how their hearts would swell,

    when the flag fluttered proud and free,

    and the stars and stripes made such beautiful sights

    as they plowed through an angry sea.

    They talk of the bread the cook would bake

    and the shrill of the bo'sun's pipe,

    and how the salt spray fell like sparks out of hell

    when a storm struck in the night.

    They remember mates already gone

    who forever hold a spot

    in the stories of old when sailors were bold

    and lubbers a pitiful lot.

    They rode their ships through many a storm

    when the sea was showing its might,

    and the mighty waves might be digging their graves

    as they sailed on through the night.

    They speak of nights in a bawdy house

    somewhere on a foreign shore,

    and the beer they'd downed as they gathered around,

    cracking jokes with a busty whore.

    Their sailing days are gone away,

    never more will they cross the brow,

    but they have no regrets for they know they've been blessed

    'cause they honored their sacred vow.

    Their numbers grow less with each passing day

    as their chits in this life are called,

    but they've nothing to lose for they've paid their dues

    and they'll sail with their shipmates again.

    I've heard them say before getting underway

    that there is still some sailing to do,

    and they'll exclaim with a grin that their ship has come in,

    and the Lord is commanding the crew.
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  20. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    1987-2011 OSC (SW/AW) (Ret)

    USS Biddle (CG-34)
    NAS Memphis
    USS Elrod (FFG-55)
    NRS Norman, OK
    USNS Kilauea (T-AE 26)
    USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)
    ATRC Dahlgren

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