When were you in the Navy?

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    For our last personnel inspection our beloved instructors Chief Clark and Petty Officer 1st Class Clark (not related) brought in ringers from the female division to perform said inspection. Both ladies had dolled themselves up, complete with a great deal of perfume. Needless to say that the combination of a few dozen young men--they having having suffered sparse female company for a couple of months--and these up-standing senior members of Women In Naval Service--the little blonde was a bombshell--high-larity ensued. Two bunks over I heard "hey there sailor, is that a roll of Certs in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? :rofl:

    I spent the remainder of the inspection desperately trying not to laugh. Of course nowadays no such fun could ever be had because at least one precious little princess recruit would get his panties in a bunch and call JAG because the mean female sexually harassed his transgendered self.

    Liberals ruin everything. Hell, Bubba Clinton tore down RTC Orlando! It's probably condos and strip-malls by now.


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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    From June 1974-Aug 1974. Nice base. Probably condos now.


  3. Fred Hansen

    Fred Hansen Liberal Bane

  4. 1975-1986 OTA2
    First duty station: NAVFAC Midway Islands
    Last: USS Comte De Grasse DD974

  5. crzn01

    crzn01 G23 Gen 4 (32)

    I was on the Saratoga at the same time..............
  6. '95-'01
    Boot: Great Lakes, class 95-490 CNO division (which I learned only made the recruit commanders look good on evals)

    A school: NTC Great Lakes ET/DS/FC Tech Core, then followed on to the DS strand.

    C school: NTC Dam Neck

    97-01: USS John Young DD973, I made E-5 about 2 months after getting onboard and spent the next 4 years in enlisted middle-management heaven!
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  7. 1997-2011

  8. HMC (FMF) 1980-2000. CT1 Remey was my CC in boot camp. Why do I still remember that?

    80 - 82 NH Beaufort SC
    82 - 84 MAG 32, MCAS Beaufort SC
    84 - 88 NH Whidbey Island WA
    88 - 91 2nd Bn 3rd Mar, Kaneohe Bay HI
    91 - 94 Fleet Hosp Sup Office, Alameda CA
    94 - 97 1st FSSG, Camp Pendleton CA
    97 - 2000 NH Camp Pendleton CA
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  9. US Navy 56-62
    USS Saratoga 58-59
    Naples Italy 59-60
  10. USS Hancock CVA-19, 1972-1975 :cool:
  11. ctrcs

    January 69 to January 91. Vietnam vet.
  12. Doc8404

    Doc8404 Master Chief

    recruiting or actually helping people as a NC? :wavey:
  13. Aug 1976 - Sep 1996
    Enlisted as Data Systems Technician (computers)
    Converted to Fire Controlman (weapons and computers, got to shoot things) to introduce new DDG into fleet. Retired FCCM(SW)
    -Gen 3 17/31
    -NRA Life Member
    "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way."
  14. 1992-1994, sksa, cvn-69
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  15. HS-2 (Big Mothers) '67 West-Pac
  16. A fellow DS, such a rarity! I joined in 95 and would have been forced converted to FC if I had reenlisted in '01.
  17. CDW



    MM2 (SS) nuke

    RTC Orlando
    NFAS Orlando
    NNPS Orlando
    NPTU Charleston

    USS Minneapolis-St. Paul (SSN-708)
  18. DCC Smith, MS2 Murrah and I can't believe I forgot the name of the third guy. Weird. Used to hear their names in my sleep.
  19. 2001-2009. EM1(SW). First two years in Nuke school in Charleston, SC. The rest of it on the John C. Stennis CVN-74.

    Things got way too PC toward the end of my stint. It became less of an adventure, and more like a really lame job.

    It was the best of times... it was the worst of times.
  20. Sept-Nov '95: GSM2 Baena and I forgot the name of our first class recruit division commander. His NEC was working on ejection seats, and he flirted with every non-recruit female on base: he would halt us marching to flirt with somebody he knew as they drove by.


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