When were you in the Navy?

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  1. Intelligence Specialist

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  2. 1958-1961 Served aboard the USS Essex CVA-9 (Mayport,Fl.), later CVS-9 (Quonset Point, RI) Flight deck crash crew.

  3. Navy Seabee from 1990 to 2012. RNMCB 18, NMCB 7, CBU 415, NMCB 3, RTC Great Lakes, LOGGSU 2/SEAL team 4, CBMU 202 and ACB2. Happy to be a civilian!
  4. Nuc MM on Haddock SSN 621 and Guitarro SSN 665 67-72
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  5. Wow, I started this threat two years ago and it's still getting replies. Awesome!

    A little update: I got mobilized last November and am still at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa.
  6. Good luck and stay safe on your deployment.
  7. Hope you enjoy your stay. Our ship visited the city of Djibouti in 1963 when it was the capital of French Somaliland. I remember some pretty wild French Foreign Legionnaires who were stationed there. Does the Legion still have a contingent in Djibouti?
  8. 1989-2008 NAS Glenview, VP-65, VR-52. AIMD Willow Grove VP-64, VR-59
  9. Actually they still do...I was picking up some a navy commander at the Ambouli airport and a group of Foreign Legionnaires approached and wanted to trade patches. I gave them my "Don't Tread On Me" patch and they gave me their "Legion Etrangere" patch. Very cool. Another wanted to trade his white Legionnaire hat but regrettably I didn't have a combo cover to spare.
  10. Thank you, CAPT Jack!
  11. 1985-1988, radiologist
  12. 1984-2004 HMCS(SW), IDC. Great times.
  13. Active duty 1983-1991
    VP-11 Proud Pegasus, NAS Brunswick
    Canadian Forces Exchange 404 SQN,Buffalos, Greenwood, Nova Scotia
    SelRes 1992-1997
    VP-94 Crawfishers, NAS New Orleans

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  14. AE2 USS America CV-66 & Pax River NAS 1981-1989
  15. Farmdale

    Farmdale RiverRat 69-70

    1968-1972... Viet Nam RiverRat... invasion of Cambodia 1970..RM3
  16. 91-95
    MM3/SS A-Gang type
    SSBN-740 Plankowner
  17. JohnLloydScharf

    JohnLloydScharf Unregistered

    I enlisted the day I turned 18. Had I waited, my draft number would have been 25 or 19. I was on the 120 day delayed program and so entered on June 17th, 1969 and flew to San Diego that same day. I got sick twice and was set back; once for rotten feet infected with dye and once with a 104 degree temp for about a week. I spent 15 weeks and one day in BC. I extended two years in boot camp from 4 to 6 years for electronics school.

    I would have never gone anywhere else, because of test scores, but I got a full year of training in NATTC Memphis to be an Aviation Firecontrol Technician. I should been an AQ3, but my discussion with a couple of Marine Sgts ended in Shelby County jail.

    After school, I was transferred to VA-128, the training squadron.

    I spent 4 years and 4 months in VA-165 [A6 Intruders] and made three tours of sea duty in the Gulf of Tonkin on the USS Constellation/CVA-64.

    Amazingly, I got my good conduct medal and an honorable discharge, despite my selected undetected crimes and unauthorized absence from duty a few times caused by issues around drinking. My drinking came to a halt not long after my discharge.

    All my life I have been working with criminals and crazy folks, some of which were not sailors, psychiatric aides, or correctional officers. So, I have been a public servant all my life until I retired in 2006. I no longer have to work with difficult people, or inmates. I no longer have to keep company with robbers, rapists, and murderers for 40 hours a week. That is all up to others who are younger and want to put their wives/children through that kind of life.

    Retirement is WONDERFUL!
  18. 1974-1984 AE1
    NAS Pensacola (HC-16), Mostly plane-guard training pilots on USS Lexington, deployed to USS Eisenhower sea trials during Operation Shamrock.

    NAS Corpus Christi AIMD Avionics Supervisor

    USS Constellation AIMD Avionics Supervisor, discharged while in the shipyard at Bremerton, WA
  19. Farmdale

    Farmdale RiverRat 69-70

    Did you ever fly Giant Slingshot... Vam Co Tey and Vam Co Dong Rivers in that time....

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