when new Gen 4 Glock 30SF ?

Discussion in 'GATE Info & Announcements' started by HiVel, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. HiVel

    HiVel HiVel

    Been away awhile-would like to know if and when this gun will be available-thanks

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  2. They won't make a Gen 4 G30 SF. They will probably make a Gen 4 G30 as with the new interchangeable backstraps you to customize the grip size.

  3. i don't know what could make it better, mine is perfect just as it is:wavey:
  4. I am thinking about buying a new G30, and was wondering what any of you that own one or owned one thought about them...pros & cons. It'll be for concealed carry...I currently carry a 1911.
  5. HiVel

    HiVel HiVel

    I bought a like new 30 SF with nite sites , and it is a heck of agun. My son and I both carry these at times. Very accurate-it is my second 30-I let one go some time ago but am back to the best gun in 45ACP for carry IMHO. Dont know if the Gen 4 is out yet but I am a happy camper. The G 30 SF is hard to beat.....great weapon!
  6. I just bought a new 30 sf but have no idea what generation it is. Can anybody tell me how I can tell which it is?
  7. I believe glock introduced the G30SF 2007.
  8. HiVel

    HiVel HiVel

    OK but I was thinking of a gen 4 Glock30-
    anyhow the 30 I bought was stolen and I bought another Gen 3 to replace it. Great guns.
  9. Glock 30sf is definitely on my to get list.
  10. s0nspark

    s0nspark Talk is cheap!

    I am waiting for a Gen4 G29, myself... :)
  11. I have had my G30sf for about 2 months now and I couldn't be happier. It has happily eaten wwb, fed champion,blazer brass, blazer aluminum, aguila, and even a box or two of stinky Tula. I carry it every day and it is my favorite of my 4 glocks. I can't imagine a better .45 for CCW or one that would make me feel safer. As a lefty, having an ambi mag release would be nice, but after having my gen 3 g23 for years, I have adapted nicely
  12. Will clearly have rollstamped 'Gen 4' on side of slide big as life.

    I am patiently waiting for a Gen 4 Model 30SF. The model 21 Gen 4 frame is full size and the grip is way too big IMO. The model 30SF is just right.
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  13. PBone

    PBone Glock 21

    Mine too! Shot one multiple times and loved it
  14. The money's in the kitty and I'm in line for a Gen.4 G30 also.
    I have a 21SF and like it, but I rented a G30 at the range and got hooked.
  15. Quiet

    Quiet Casino Goon

    The Glock 30Gen4 got released a couple of weeks ago.

    So far only a couple of LE distributors have got them. So, it may have another month or so before it shows up in your region.

    Glock 30Gen4 with no backstrap = Glock 30SF grip
    Glock 30Gen4 with med backstrap = Glock 30 grip
    Glock 30Gen4 with large backstrap = thicker than Glock 30 grip
  16. DakotaGlockGuy

    DakotaGlockGuy Polymer Artist

    It's true that the G30 and G29 are now out in the Gen 4 editions.

    Details and pics can be seen here...
  17. I heard a place called Ed's in Georgia has them for LE/GSSF only. Both 29 & 30.:supergrin:
  18. Is the Gen 4 all that much better than a 3 ?
    I have a 3 on the way and now I am wondering if I should have waited on a 4 .
  19. s0nspark

    s0nspark Talk is cheap!

    It depends... I personally like the grip on the GEN4s a lot better since it removes the need for me to use grip tape. Aside from that I don't see a lot of difference with the subcompacts since they already used the double recoil spring.
  20. Thanks for the info.

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