When do you see the ammo shortage loosening up?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Upgrade, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Contacted hornady a couple months ago trying to locate a set of 327 federal magnum dies . They said there was a back order of 105 of these dies at the time and they had expanded thier hours and hired people , but still couldn't keep up .
    I was told to stay in touch with the retailers and it would be on the shelves eventually .

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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    I used to know a WW ammo exec. I wish that I could contact him.

  3. Found a box of. 22's today so things must be getting better, right?
  4. SCmasterblaster

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    Was it a 50 or 100-round box, or a box of 500?
  5. LGS limited to a 100 round box of Remington Yellow Jackets. Not my fav but they go bang.
  6. SCmasterblaster

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    How are things in NY? Have you had to turn in your 8- and up-round magazines?
  7. WHy would they? It is never a good business model to spend money w/o a sustainable market. They are doing studies, gauranteed, but they also know what many of us do, this is temporary & they would be foolish to start spending capital if there is no future demand. Big companies like ATK, ammo production is a drop in their economic bucket. When you are selling missle systems to the US Govt @ 100-400% profit, why worry about ammo manuf & it's relatively small profit margins of 20% or so.
    So short answer, look for this to continue thru the 2014 election cycle. Dems win congress, it will get A LOT WORSE. Dems lose the Senate & House, things could be back to "normal" in as little as a 3 month from then. Prices are NEVER coming back, sorry guys. You can't print $40B a month & not expect inflation. So anything commodity based will continue to go up in price. Lots of commodities in ammo.
  8. If the Gestapo keeps buying all of the available ammo in lots of a billion then not until it is to late ...
  9. Makers of remanufactured ammo and ammo using new brass, like Freedom Munitions, Red River Ammo, and Great Lakes Ammo are at the mercy of their suppliers for components. Freedom is selling out of approx. 500K rounds per week. When 9mm pops up on their website it's selling out on an average of three minutes. They do have a store in Houston, Tx that stays fairly well stocked if you're in that area. I'm at the end of two months waiting for two cases of 9mm from Great Lakes and yesterday received an email that explained...again...the problems in getting sufficient components. They are no longer taking orders for any caliber and are doing their best to fill existing orders. They recently got in an apparently large shipment of both .40 and .45 bullets and will begin filling backorders for those. As for 9mm, they received only one fifth of the bullets needed to fill all their backorders.
  10. I was told yesterday to expect it around mid-May. :dunno:

    I was also told to not be surprised if there was a SIN-TAX on ammo in the very near future. :steamed:

    We'll see...
  11. Its still pretty difficult here in Central Illinois but I was able to score 3 boxes of 100 round packs of WWB here at my local walmart this morning. They had more ammo in there than I have seen in a while.
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    My local Walmart has a group of 5 guys that are there for every truck unloading. They each buy their limit in every caliber, then turn around and sell it online and at the gun shows at a higher price.
  13. I don't see it loosening up any time soon. That said I have been wrong a time or three and this is one of those times I hope I'm Wrong. SJ 40
  14. SCmasterblaster

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    I forget where I heard it, but mid-May 2013.
  15. Well add'l tax I agree on, May, who ever told you that is smoking crack.:shocked:
  16. OctoberRust

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    You agree on taxing ammo at an additional rate than other items? Please explain....
  17. JohnnyReb

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    Why doesn't the government open up our strategic reserve like they do with oil? This would help consumers. :D

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  18. she was too big to be a crackhead. :rofl:

    She was just repeating what her manager had told her so take with a grain of salt.
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    Same here in Mid MO. :fist:

  20. End of the year.:wavey:

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