When do you see the ammo shortage loosening up?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Upgrade, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. You can still find 9mm for $12-$13/50 at some stores, Wally included. It won't be cheaper this time next year. If it is, PM me your receipt & I'll post you a box of 9mm.:supergrin:

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  2. Warp


    I haven't seen ammo at Walmart since 2012. A lot of other people haven't, either. (except a few bolt action cartridges and maybe some shotshells)

    And there is a (very small) limit.

    But, hey, it seems that you can buy all you want at Walmart prices.

    Would you mind picking some up for me? And shipping to me? I'll cover all of your expenses + a reasonable 5% profit margin. I'm looking for 500 rounds of 9x19 at the moment, though I could probably spring for 1k.

    The least expensive brass case will do. Last I saw that was Federal.

    What won't be cheaper than what?

    You are going to have to be very specific here. What round? What price?

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  3. When scalping stops. Hear from several reliable sources that the guy behind the gun counter at my local Wally World waits until a couple of his buddies are standing at the register before stocking ammo. Sells to them on a keep the change basis.
    I have gotten ammo on there 3 box limit, only to see the remaining boxes online at twice the mark up listed in my small town the same day.
    Demand drove the prices up. Supply will keep it there for a while. It took about two good years for thing to stabilize after 08. And this time it seems worst.
    Even walmart has raised the prices. And QC is lacking on the stuff that is trickling in.
    The only thing that hasn't really changed is the high end match stuff. That is actually a bargain all things considered.

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  4. Not until after the 2014 elections, naturally depending on the results.
  5. +JackMac. Your opinion is taking form today as well as the last 4yrs! This country has done an about face in regards to anything that makes our Government stay working, and pays its way.

    I also have seen your feelings about the attempt to rob us all of Second Amendment rights(limiting guns, background checks, magazine capacity, etc)and I feel it is baloney.

    We are arming, prepping, training, and praying not to wage an internal war within our lands, but as a hunter, retired Law Enforcement Officer, and father, I smell something coming. My LEO experience has taught me "Spidey Sense", and it is not good for right now. Best to heed your advice, get it done, it's coming.

    Tried to explain this to my Brother In Law, he is overwhelmed with Electronic Trivia toys(cell phones, sat TV, "Call of The Wildman"), buys for today only, no backup, barely has a flashlight(no spare batterys). He is a hunter, but is missing the point. You won't have a store within 20 miles open if the country takes a dump. It's on you, and only you to make things happen.

    Don't want to see anything occur, again praying for peace and the positive outlook for my life. My rural living style never meant carrying a 1911A to go get a gallon of milk till the last five years or so. So, I do, and stay mum and still say "please and thank you, and "Yes Sir/Maam" as my parents taught us. Good Luck Texan, you have a Hoosier with you!
  6. SCmasterblaster

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    That's right - I'll vote GOP for sure.
  7. Ok, the ubiquitous WWB or Federal 9mm/50, you pick, I rarely buy factory. Cheaper than established retail or best discount single box price today. So not JimmyJohns overpriced or your best friends good guy discount.:dunno:
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  8. Anyone that votes otherwise, good candidate or not, might as well turn in their guns as you are essentially voting for the liberal candidate by default, same for staying home. Some don't get that but the result is exactly the same.:dunno:
  9. plp


    As goes my county sheriffs, so go I. I would rather live in a Rictatorship than with Obamunism.
  10. Cirdan

    I've never seen 9 mm at Walmart. Nothing but bare shelves.

    Got luck at Big 5 today, Remington UMC @ $18.99 for a 50 round box.
  11. Warp


    Okay...so currently available...what's the best price? Where?

    Let's get this started.
  12. Well I imagne Wally has the best price in most locations. Around here, your lucky to find ANY ammo @ ANY price, so I will hve to look, you do the same.:wavey:
  13. Warp


    It isn't my turn to look.

    I'm not sure you understand how this works.

    Do you know what the word "available" means? It means it can be purchased. Right now.

    Not an empty shelf.
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  14. Guys, right now, ammo is NOT available to just walk in and buy on the shelves in the big box stores. I am finding LGS's, however, do have ammo. The LGS on average are at least 25% higher than the Walmarts and Academy. People just don't want to pay the higher price in excess, so they leave some on the shelf. At wal-mart, if they see a desired caliber, they will call their wives, friends, co-workerst, etc. until it is gone. It's just that simple. There is a mentality right now to buy to the max on everything at the cheaper stores.

    For example, let's take the 9mm 50 count Federal rounds as a benchmark. This is what you have:

    Wal-mart -- $12 plus tax
    LGS (my local) -- $16 plus tax
    Academy -- $14 plus tax
    Online sellers (gunbroker, armslist, or any local add) -- $20
    Gun shows -- $20

    Right now, the cheap guys are wiped out, but I can go into the LGS, more often than not, and see the $16 boxes. For me to buy 100 rounds from them, I am looking at $35 for 100 rounds out the door. To get the cheap walmart ammo, you really have to catch them in the evening when it first comes off their trucks. To get the cheap Academy ammo, you have to get their on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 8:00 AM when they open. There is no other way around it. Right now, it is not an ammo shortage. It is a few people in a panic frenzy, and a group of folks who are turning a profit by waiting in line at the big box stores and then dumping it online or at a gun store for a profit.

    It's similar to a market bubble. These guys are dumping money in as long as the panic is here. Until this stops, their supplier (wal-mart, academy, etc.) will keep them in business, and the consumer is left to buy the market price ammo. I simply will not spend over $30 for 100 rounds of 9mm target ammo. So, I will buy my boxes from the cheap if and when I stumble on it. Lucky for me, I pass a WM on my way home from work every day right at the time the ammo comes off the truck. I'm in a fortunate situation for cheap ammo. Today is Sunday and I am not even attempting to go to Bass Pro Shops, etc. and look for any potential ammo on the shelves because I absolutely will not find it at any reasonable price.

    BTW, I do see the Tula steel cased crap staying on the shelf at wal-mart. I have bought a bunch of it in .223 because it was $5/box. However, I'm probably going to start turning it down soon. I really need .223, but I need it for reloading. 2 months ago, you couldn't find any type of .223 round to save your soul.
  15. Cirdan

    Still nothing at any Wal Mart, but Cabela's had full shelves of handgun, including over 1,000 rounds of 9mm.

    I'm stocked up for a few range trips, so no more "hoarding" for me. And no more Tul.
  16. What ammo shortage? My LGS always has .40 S&W on the shelves at the same prices as before the supposed shortage. If you're one of those "it's too snappy" 9mm loving types, then you've got a problem.

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  17. G27GenFour

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    Well from what I've read here, it would appear to me that our government's recent entry into this market at an apparently unprecedented level would be a huge factor in the current short supply of handgun ammo. And of course, if thats accurate, it opens up a whole Pandora's Box of speculation on motive. Do we have facts on this, or am I supposed to take what I read "with a grain of Internet salt?"
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  18. Small shop in town has most everything, but at high prices. I walked out. Who's to say if it's gouging? He may very well have had to pay high prices to keep it on his shelves. But $44 for 50 rounds of 45 fmj is too rich for my blood.
  19. Yeah, dude. Don't pay that. They are getting their ammo from suppliers, and there is no way they paid that. If I owned a gun shop and had to pay that kind of price to keep my shelves stocked, I would camp out at walmart and call 6 friends every time ammo came in. And then, I would have something for my customers to buy when they come in to buy other stuff. It would also go far to keep customers happy, even if it is one box. If my LGS would have a limit one box to routine faces, I would be more than happy with that, and I would buy even more other stuff from them. But if I have to pay almost a hundred bucks for 100 rounds of .45 fmj, I would seriously consider if I ever shopped there again.

    Through all this, there are quite a few places that will never get my business again. I never ordered from cheaper than dirt, but that's one place that will never in the future either.

    I have already provided ammo to friends at work recently at the same price I paid. Right now, even if it is a caliber or amount I don't need, I pick it up and just get it for friends. I have passed on additional stock of 9mm to pick up 380 and 40 for friends. Ammo will be back soon, and nobody will need to come to me for it. I'm also not doing anything special. I'm just checking one place on my way home from work. The only times I call the wife or family is if there is a good supply of something rare.

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