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Whats your Exercise program like?

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by git_r_dun0405, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. git_r_dun0405

    git_r_dun0405 5FDP

    May 26, 2004
    Auburn Alabama
    So What's your Exercise program?

    Me? First thing in the morning, every morning. I ride my bicycle at least 10 miles a day. Speeds vary from 9-25 mph pedaling all the way.

    Pushups 100-150 reps every other day.
    Jacknife crunches 100-150 everyday.
    Squats body weight, until failure.
    Twisting and stretching beyond pain.

    Heavy bag 30-60 min every other day.
  2. geminicricket

    geminicricket NRA Life member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Lewisville, TX USA
    My exercise routine is 1 hour on a cardio sort of recumbent bike thing that sits still. I try to get my heart rate up to 158 and keep it there for the entire time. The point of that is to get the computer to tell me that I've burned more than 600 calories in the hour, and all that is because I get in trouble if I spend more than an hour on my workout.

    9 days ago my workout was coincident with a bursitis attack, and for a day or two afterward I was crippled. I'm waiting for my mild bursitis to clear up before I resume my workout.

    My workout helps me keep my blood pressure in a good range. It does not keep my hair dark.

  3. git_r_dun0405

    git_r_dun0405 5FDP

    May 26, 2004
    Auburn Alabama
    600 cals in an hour is good.:) How fast (mph) do you ride your stationary bike? You seen my bike routine and I burn anywhere from 500-600 cals in a 10 mile ride. Which takes me anywhere from 45-55 mins to ride.

    I still havent bought myself a HRM (heart rate monitor) any recomendations?:)
  4. Vic303

    Vic303 Senior Member

    Mar 15, 2003
    Polar makes good basic models cheap, and great models expensively! Try online auctions for used/older ones.

    My routine is also on the road bike. I try for 3+ rides a week in the evenings, 14.29 miles is the 'long' loop, and I can do it in under an hour now. Since I don't get out until about 7pm most nights, I don't want to ride much longer than an hour or it gets too dark even with good lights to be safe in the Metroplex. Can't ride in the day as I have 3 kids under 3 yrs old that I stay home with. (I'm Mom). Weekends we try for a 30+mi ride on the tandem.
  5. AlB


    May 30, 2002
    Here's the last 4 weeks from an online training log I use ( ) Just about all I do is swim, bike, or run.

    Totals for Weeks 31(07/26/2004) - 34(08/16/2004)

    Type Distance Duration
    Bike 142.3 mi 08:17
    Run 40.3 mi 05:33
    Swim 5358.7 yd 01:42

    Total Duration: 15:32
  6. dave5339


    May 14, 2003
    Near Dallas Texas
    My training program is as follows.

    Monday thru Friday I escape for a 45-50 minute ride over my lunch hour at work. I try to get out at least 4 times a week. My normal ride is:
    13.5 - 15 mile
    45-55 minutes
    16.5 - 17.8 mph average
    Heartrate generally in the 80-90% of max range.

    On the day or days that I don't ride I try to get in a good 3-5 mile walk in over my lunch time.

    On the weekends, if we can arrange for a babysitter my wife and I try for a 30+ (working our mileage up to 60+ miles) ride. We are doing an 80 mile ride the 1st part of October up in Kansas.

    If we can't get a babysitter we try and each get individual rides in. Right now I'm riding 40-60 mile rides on Saturday. I'm also beginning to work on some plans for doing a 100 mile ride before next April, (I turn 40).

    If for some reason I can't get out to ride or walk over my lunch hour I've got a pair of 25# dumbells under my desk at work. I've got a routine worked out where I do some dumbell work as well as lots of situps and crunches.

    So far with reasonable diet and exercise I've dropped 30+ pounds, (25 more to go and I'll be happy).

    Semper Fi
  7. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Sep 15, 2003
    Aside from the heavy lifting and frequent bike rides (no schedule,though) my partner and I do powerlifting Mon,Wed and Fri mornings.

    Mon: Box squats,"box" bench press,hack squats,leg machines (ext and curls),overhead tricep rows and standing tricep push downs.

    Wed: Deadlifts,Front squat w/ shoulder press,one armed dumbell rows,seated cable lat pulls.

    Fri:Squats (real > 90 degree squats)Bench Press,leg machines,standing tricep push downs and reverse flyes.
  8. BrokenArrow

    BrokenArrow Millennium Member

    Aug 11, 1999
    Lost In Space
    I push my luck, roll my eyes, and jump to conclusions almost every day. Works for me; I have buns of steel, abs of titanium, and a head full of air, I mean hair. ;)

    I walk, hike, bike, run, lift, step/hi-lo aerobics, tai chi, boxing, tang soo do/tae kwon do. Don't do 'em all every day but I do most of 'em about 3 times a week each. Have been certified and have worked as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor in the past. I've wrestled and boxed in HS, college, and the military (20 yrs USAF) from 132 to 190, feel/do best as a welterweight (147), which I can still make even after a big breakfast. Skip that, stick my finger down my throat, etc, could probably make lightweight (132).

    At 49 I have 6% body fat, a resting heart rate of 39, blood pressure of 110/70, and can still max out the USMC/USA/USAF PT tests for 18 year olds. Of course, I make a lot more noise doing it now than I did 30 years ago; kinda sounds like a lean n mean bowl of Rice Krispies (snap, crackel, pop) is zooming by, coming at ya...

    Feeling good is more important than looking good, so find stuff that works for you and have fun with it! Besides, if ya aren't having any fun, it will show one way or another. ;b
  9. California Jack

    California Jack Millennium Member

    Aug 2, 1999
    As for weight training;

    Saturday; Coan/Phillipi Deadlift Program

    Monday; Pause Front Squats
    Overhead Squats
    Weighted Dips
    Speed Presses

    Weds. Squats
    Overhead squats
    Romanian Deadlifts (light weight, done mostly for flexibility)

    Sunday, Tues, Fri. I do a Bill Phillips style cardio workout, usually on a treadmill. Soon, I may trade one of those days for sprinting.

    As far as the weights go; My current goal is to pull 500lbs by my 45th birthday next February, hence the Coan/Phillipi routine. The squat variations I am using to prepare myself for Olympic lifting lessons.

    Any oly lifters out there?

  10. LittleFoot


    Jun 23, 2004
    I'm assuming you don't work behind a desk.

    I don't know what the PT tests are, but those other numbers are pretty impressive at any age. You mentioned your weight range, but didn't mention how tall you were.

    For this thread or forum, in addition to "Just Do It", I would add "Train Smart". Everyone should learn how to warm up, stretch, and perform exercises biomechanically correct and with good body support and/or with good equipment. Unfortunately, some sports injuries stay with you for life. Always view exercise or training with one eye on your own long-term health, and it will help guide you towards proper form and balance and away from tempting performance-enhancing substances. Treat your body never know when you might need it to rock-n-roll. ~2
  11. California Jack

    California Jack Millennium Member

    Aug 2, 1999
    Hey LittleFoot.

    No aguement. But;

    I find stretching a waste of time. For me, there are better ways to increase flexibility.

    To each his own. YMMV.

  12. LittleFoot


    Jun 23, 2004
    No argument here either. I recommend incorporating stretching more for injury-prevention than I do for increasing flexibility. Just depends what your priorities are.

    If I could choose, I'd rather have 6% body fat, a resting heart rate of 39, and blood pressure of 110/70 (as well as healthy knees and lower back) at age 49 like BrokenArrow then to pull 500 lbs by my 45th birthday. But if that's your goal, go for it. Just be safe, use a spotter and correct form, and listen to your body.
  13. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    You all make me feel bad :)

    I do yoga, pilates and TaeBo.

    I would love a treadmill but don't have the space for one :(
  14. Catbird

    Catbird loves guns!

    May 21, 2001
    V I R G I N I A
    I perform this same routine 7 days a week:

    1. Early in the morning, I walk 2 miles on my treadmill set at 5.5 degree incline and 3.5 mph.

    2. In the late afternoon, I either walk another 1 mile on the treadmill or workout 1/2 hour on a rowing machine.

    3. In the evening, I ride 10 miles on my recumbent bike.
  15. BrokenArrow

    BrokenArrow Millennium Member

    Aug 11, 1999
    Lost In Space
    I do some work behind a desk, I'm just very good at time management too. No wife and kids makes a BIG difference too. ;)

    I'm 5'9" tall.

    PT Max scores:


    pull-ups 20
    sit-ups 80
    3 mile run <18:00


    push-ups 82
    sit-ups 92
    2 mile run <11:54


    1.5 mile run <9:36
    push-ups >62
    crunch >55
    Body Composition (waist) <32.5

    The above are for the "kids"; as ya get older, they cut ya some slack. At my age group for the USA for example:

    pu 62
    su 67
    2m <15:36

    Most military PT tests are more muscular/cardio endurance oriented than pure strength. Somebody who can move their own weight well often scores more than somebody who can move more weight. Obviously a certain minimum is necessary, and some strength/bulk doesn't hurt when humping a heavy ruck, toting a big gun w lottsa ammo, carrying/dragging somebody to cover, etc.

    Why I also bench, squat, deadlift, power clean and jerk too.

    While I have been, and still are, very careful, stuff happens. I have a "bad" knee, hip, back, and shoulder (among other things) that remind me I ain't 18 anymore, and never will be again. ;b
  16. LittleFoot


    Jun 23, 2004
    Hmmmmm....never tried that before. time. But I was really drunk. ^1
  17. saspic

    saspic Howdy Y'all! CLM

    Jan 20, 2002
    San Antonio
    This is a cool thread...
    Like many my workout seems to change a lot. Right now it's:

    Monday: Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense Class. 16 minutes recumbant bike at 14 out of 16 resistance.

    Tuesday: Bas Ruten heavy bag workout. He calls out the combos, you knock 'em out. 30 minutes. Weightlifting Nautilus circuit, about 40 minutes.

    Wednesday: Morning: Interval class. They set up all those toys in the gym's group exercise room (step, jump rope, exercise band, hurdles, light weights, fast feet, jogging, stability ball, etc.). We do a couple minutes on each then some ab work. Evening, Krav Maga class.

    Thursday: Krav fight class. Sometimes sparring, sometimes knife fighting, sometimes groundwork.

    Friday: Cardio class. Similar to the interval class but with more group work on the step or weights or stability ball. Fewer stations and ab work.

    Saturday: Morning, Bag class. With a live instructor instead of Bas tape. They add more kicking and ab work. Evening: 1/2 hour pull ups and free weights. All biceps.

    Sunday: 1/2 hour pull ups and free weights. All biceps. 16 minutes recumbant bike at 14 out of 16 resistance.^5
  18. shu

    shu Millennium Member

    Dec 10, 1999
    pharr, tx
  19. ateamer

    ateamer NRA4EVR

    Westside Barbell system (conjugate training).
    Monday - Max Effort Bench/Assistance
    -Bench Press to warm up, followed by benchlike exercise which hits the weak point, such as board press (bench with several 2x6's stacked on chest to limit range of motion to my sticking point), floor press (lying on the floor) or any of dozens other bench variations, usually done for a max single.

    Follow that with shoulder and ab work.

    Tuesday - Max Effort Squat/Deadlift
    -Same concept as for bench. I warm up with squats, going up to a pretty heavy single, then do some type of top end movement, such as rack pulls, squats off the pins (squat lockouts) or high box squat.

    Followed by lat, hamstring, lower and upper back work.

    The particular ME exercises used are changed every week or two, to keep the central nervous system fresh and to ensure constant improvement in the lifts.

    Thursday - Dynamic Effort Bench.
    -Bench with 45-50% of max, done for about five to eight sets of triples. The goal here is to move the bar as fast as possible, accelerating through the top, to build explosion and speed. This exercise usually involves Jump Stretch bands being attached to the bar (heavy - 1/4" thick - rubber bands which add more and more tension as the bar goes up - defeats the improved leverage) so that the weight on the bar increases by approximately 50 pounds from chest to lockout, with the setup I use. Another way to add contrast is with chains - heavy chain (10-20 pounds per five-foot length) is attached to the bar. A light chain is actually hung from the bar and the heavy chain is looped through the light chain. The connector chain has the length regulated so that when the bar is on the chest, all the heavy chain is on the floor. When locked out, almost all the chain is hanging from the bar, adding weight.

    Follow with shoulder and ab work. The bench sets have no more than 60 seconds between them, often more like 30-45 seconds.

    Friday - DE Squat
    -Box squats (sitting on a box, relaxing the hips and squatting off of it), with 45-50% of max for six to 10 sets of two, with contrast (bands or chains). Again, minimal rest periods.

    Follow with lats, hamstring, lower and upper back work.

    All workouts are done as quickly as possible. The max effort workouts are 45 minutes to an hour normally (often take longer than that due to the number of people in our group on those days) and the dynamic workouts, which I do alone at home, are 30 minutes max, usually a bit under 25.

    This system was developed by Louie Simmons of Columbus, Ohio and is based on Soviet weightlifting training. Westside has evolved a great deal over the 20 or so years it has been around and continues to change. What is great about it is that nothing is set in stone. The lifter has to learn to train himself and choose what exercises and variations are needed to improve.

    I have made great improvements using Westside and feel better overall. Progressive overload was a failure for me - after some initial gains, a 12 week cycle wiped me out and the lifts stopped improving.

    Lots more info at
  20. California Jack

    California Jack Millennium Member

    Aug 2, 1999

    Cool, a Westsider on GT. I noticed you didn't talk about any GPP. I guess you don't pull a sled?

    Next year I'm going to try to learn the OLs. If I fail at it again, I'm going to give Westside or perhaps Average Joe a try.