What's the with ammo?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by tcabend, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. What's going on with not being able to get ammo? You would think the ammo manufacturers would be getting more out there because of the demand for it.

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  2. Slotback

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    Any time any hits the shelf, it's bought up.

  3. The manufacturers will not expand their operations, they know when the crunch hits that the expansion will hurt them. Instead they are running at maximum production with what they have. In addition there is the possibility that they are having problems getting powder and primers in the numbers they need.
  4. Last time this happened, primers were the limiting factor. You can only speed up production of primers by adding more equipment. The primers have to be dried in something similar to a kiln, and if it's done too quickly, you end up with bad primers. This is another (relatively) short term spike in demand, so I highly doubt that manufacturers will do anything except run their existing systems at capacity until things die down. Nobody is going to do much expanding in this environment.
  5. I noticed a little while ago that every time my income doubles so does the price of ammo

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  6. You can't just magically add production to accomodate excessive demand.

    Wait until an EMP hits and people wonder why we can't replace 1,000,000 transformers overnight....
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  7. I think the bigger concern would be who we nuked off the face of the earth for doing it to us, and if everyone else said "Screw it" and started launching, too.
  8. I did notice a batch of Rem UMC .223 55 grain with both gold and silver colored primers.
  9. GSSF17

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    Screw ammo! How are you making your income double, apparently more than once? :shocked:
  10. Hummer

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    I don't think this is just a short term spike in demand like we've seen before. The current administration has four years left. How many more sicko mass shootings will there be to reignite the issues?

    Fwiw, it appears manufacturers are ramping up production and adding new infrastructure but I wouldn't expect prices to fall anytime in the next four years.

    Guns and ammo sales spark jobs boom
  11. Posts like this are annoying. It seems like common sense with what is currently happening would pretty much leave things self explanatory. Demand greatly outweighs production. The Military and LE have not slowed down on ammo purchasing and sure as heck the civilian demand has skyrocketed. To think that some things being produced can be easily increased to meet this overwhelming demand in this recent panic buying time frame is pure ignorance. Then again, more people should have seen this coming and been a bit more prepared. On the plus side, this has made many more new firearms owners and many will probably not allow themselves to get caught with their pants down next time around when things start to settle a bit. It will be a rocky next 4 years period.
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    Where have you been the last few months....in a cave? Idiots are waiting for the delivery truck now at the LGS and pissed you have to price it first.....they wait! I guess they are desperate....not me. Been buying big for over 10 years....saw this coming some day.....it's here!
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  13. @ Surf ..... Really I annoy you? Oh I'm ignorant now. Lol back at ya.

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  14. uhlawpup

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    Oh, for Pete's sake! That's no secret. I've done it three times.

    It's called working smart and getting an education that keeps you working smart.

    As far as ammo, there's hope. I had an hour to kill on Saturday, so I went to a Wal Mart that I don't usually frequent to look for some .380 and found my guardian angel was working overtime.

    Miracle one was that instead of an abandoned ammo section, I not only found someone there, but he was stocking ammo.

    Miracle two was that it was .380 he was stocking.

    I got my three box limit.

    My guardian angel's name is Jay. See what yours can do when asked...
  15. Hummer

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    I saw .380 auto and .38 special on the shelf at WM last weekend, both of which I hadn't seen in 3 months. Picked up the .38 special and more .40 s&w in 100 round boxes. Both .40 and .45 auto show up with some regularity. I've gotten ~1000 rounds of .40 in the past few weeks.

    Haven't seen any .223 at WM. It's very scarce at Cabela's, and priced >$1/round. They did have a couple of Sig 551 rifles for $2450 each. Tough market.
  16. Cole125

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    The ammo situation does seem to be improving. Shotgun and rifle ammo other than "tactical" calibers is readily available both online and in stores. Handgun ammo is out there, you just have to get lucky. .22 lr ammo? Forget it. I have heard from people in the industry it is going to be around a year until .22 lr is readily available again.
  17. mgs

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    No .22 ammo for year? I find that hard to believe. It is made on totally different epuipment than certerfire. Can't imagine it sitting idle. JMHO.
  18. Cole125

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    I said it will be a year or more until .22 lr ammo is readily available. Companies are producing .22 lr at their usual rate, the demand is far exceeding the supply. Their are also rumors in the industry that Remington and Winchester are both producing LESS .22 than usual and using most of their supply of raw materials for centerfire ammo which is much more profitable.
  19. ......
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  20. Remember people paying 100+ dollars for a PMag? Feeling pretty stupid now, don't they? Same thing with ammo. If you wait a few months instead of stalking local Walmart for any sign of ammo in stock, you'll be able to buy it at normal prices and without fighting off other nuts.

    Also, hate to say it, but people should have been stocked up years ago. I don't know why everyone is suddenly out.

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