What's the hole for??

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by kreplach, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I have a g30sf. At the bottom of the back strap is a factory drilled hole, Why is it there? Also what is the purpose of the half moon indent at the bottom, inside the grip opposite the hole?? Just askin'
    Do all Glocks have the hole and indent??

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  3. Cole125

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    The hole is for attaching a pistol lanyard. Most if not all Glocks have it.

  4. Lanyard attachmnt
  5. What jjslice said.

    Although I'm not quite sure why anyone would want to do this. :faint:
  6. Thanks.
    I presume the indentation is to allow the lanyard cliip or knot to lay "flat"?
  7. Hunter, camper, LEO, Military, all might want to do so.
  8. Bruce M

    I can think of more than a few [​IMG]

  9. The hole is for a lanyard.
    The indent on the front, and the gap behind the mag are for grabbing the mag for mag changes.
    Some countries train to retain the mag vs drop free.
  10. Good point
  11. As said above, the hole is for attachment if a lanyard. There are also plugs made that use the hole to snap into the butt of the pistol.

    The half moon cut is very useful for stripping mags out to clear a phase II malfunction.

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  12. MrMurphy

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    Original mags did not drop free (intentionally, lot of armies prefer this in case the mag release gets bumped, it's why Germany went from the Luger's 1911-style button to the P38's heel catch) from what I remember, the half moon is to help strip the mag out of the gun.
  13. so the buttplug can stay in
  14. Lanyard.

    But here in Vegas we use it as a way to do a "strip & rip" malfunction. Its hard to grab the mag if you plug the hole. All of the state LEO firearms instructors recommend NOT to plug it.

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