What's the best way to store Glocks?

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Tukmol, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all!

    I've been doing a search but can't seem to find any thread about it.

    What's the best way to safely keep/store a Glock until you need it for a situation?

    I keep my G19 in a clutch bag in a false/secret compartment on my bedside table drawer. I have two loaded 17 round magazines with it. Magazines are not inserted for safety considerations until needed.

    For the firearm, I keep it with its trigger pulled as this keeps the internals free of any mechanical stress.

    Is this the proper way to do it?

    Thanks for your inputs.

    Best regards to all.


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  2. I used to store my Glocks loaded inside a fanny pack (hip bag) made by Action Gear in Bacolod. It had a zipper with a quick-open feature. There was also a separate compartment with pouches that had a five mag capacity, although I had a total of 3 mags in the bag. A third compartment was for the documents of the firearm.

    It's quite convenient since all the stuff are in there. In case you need the gear, the gun, mags and docs are in there. If you were in a vehicle and had to bail out (which was the least I would want to happen and never did), chances of leaving the extra magazines would be a remote possibility.

    Most importantly, place your equipment in a place most convenient to you and not accessible by others, especially children.

  3. I used to display it on the wall together with the other gun posters I had complete with felt background and frame.

    Seemed to work nung pinasok apt namin o talaga'ng tanga lang siya. After that incident I kept it compressed in my handheld startrek transporter device. ;f;)
  4. Tukmol,

    How you store your firearm depends on your domestic circumstances. A household with curious kids would demand a different storage protocol compared with a bachelor's pad or a place where only grown-ups are present.

    I have two grade school kids so all my Glocks are in a safe inside a locked cabinet. They are all stored in condition 2 along with several 17-round mags.

    AFAIK, storing a Glock in condition 1 will not be detrimental to the springs since in a cocked state, the firing pin spring is only under partial tension. You still have to pull the trigger to bring the firing pin all the way back before the shot is fired. However, the presence of kids in my house makes me wary of storing the guns in this manner. YMMV.
  5. I keep my gun sa loob ng.......... darn , I forgotten where
    Maitanong nga sa anak ko
  6. Thanks guys.


    I am interested with your response regarding conditions 1 and 2.

    Where can I get a detailed information for these types of "storing" conditions that would be safe for the gun itself and the user.

  7. Get yourself a bedside safe. This is a metal case with push button combination. It can be bolted down on your night stand or headboard. The safe can be opened in less that 2 seconds. I think this is the safest way to store a loaded handgun away from prying hands and eyes.
  8. Actually Tukmol, the terms "Condition 1 and 2" came from IPSC competition.

    Condition 1 means the gun is cocked, the safety is engaged, and a live round is in the chamber.

    Condition 2 means a magazine is in the gun but the gun is not cocked.

    There is also a condition 3, where the gun has no magazine inserted. Tama ba mga BoG GM?

    Perhaps your gun club offers instruction on different modes of firearm storage. On the other hand, you could always attend a BoG funshoot and get more info firsthand from the guys.
  9. I store my Glocks nice and pretty and cleaned in their tupperware boxes inside my gun cabinet.

    If somebody invades my home, I'm going for my shotgun.
  10. Thanks All!

    The bedside safe of Sir JerryTrini is worth a try.

    Thanks again folks.


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