What's the best deal on an upper right now?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Kadetklapp, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Some uppers came up today, as a matter of fact. The lasted a good hour.

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  2. Kadetklapp

    Kadetklapp Methberry PD

    I'm curious why you would say that. Because about the only thing being griped about on ARF.COM (which is about a trusted "news source" in the gun world as The Onion or Infowars IMO) is the wait time being three months out. Is anyone surprised by that?

    I'm not worried about it because I can go up to their table at the 1500 and walk away with what I want in five minutes. They had plenty in stock at the January show.

    I'm talking about the quality of the build and parts. My BIL has a 20" bull barrel upper and is pretty happy and impressed with it.

    This is going to be a varmint gun that is being built on a whim.

  3. Warp


    What are the specs on their BCG?

    And their customer service...if you can call it that...is part of why I say that. Yes, when I pay a company money for a product, I am also paying for their CS.
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    And I think that has already happened at least once, but here's another:

    BCM mid length 16" upper, $459, with the option to add a complete BCM BCG and a BCM gunfighter charging handle for another $270, in stock and listed on the website


    Edit: Still in stock, 44 minutes (and counting) after I posted it here.

    I believe this right here is the best deal going on uppers
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  5. Finally. Out O'Stock. Lasted until 10:45am Central. A good 3 hours. See they are available.

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    They sure are. As of ~2 weeks ago uppers have been much easier to find than they had been. BCM especially. And with the option to add a BCG, you can't go wrong!

    I had to stop watching to see how long they would last to make sure I wouldn't buy one. I bought my one in late January, can't afford another...even though that WAS the lightweight profile which I would rather have...
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    Still wondering what the specs are on that rguns BCG.
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    Hours of opportunity today.

    Subscribe to this thread with instant email notification, and keep an eye on your inbox until you get one. Somebody will post them in this thread as they come back up.
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  11. Advice taken.
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    Did you already get one? Or are you just sub'd now?

    On a related note, while I'm posting...outstanding quality magazines for $18.99 available right now. Choose other carriers and USPS shipping for the best prices. I got 6 for $125 shipped. Primary Arms is great and will probably ship them within a business day of you ordering

    Lancer L5 AWM 30 round magazines

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  14. Just sub now see what pops in and looks good maybe my credit card will need a workout.

    In kinda want one of there light weight 14.5 mid length uppers with a battle comp 1.5 perm attached have a black troy Mrf rail that would work nice on one

    The one just posted was close. When one comes in I think that is the upper I will use the rubber city armory BCG in

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