What's an ammo shortage?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by mr00jimbo, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. :whistling:
    Because I got this box
    And it was full of:

    Also, why does the American Eagle color scheme look so much like:


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  2. because AE 9mm and S-M raisins have similar ballistics. j/k, nice to see cases of ammo out and about. good planning.

  3. Cole125

    Silver Member

    Well I just got a case of Tula 9mm 1000/$220 shipped from Midway. Also got three 500 round bricks of CCI Blazer .22 lr from my gun dealer for $29 each.

    So I'm cooler than you. :cool:
  4. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy

    Did those bastards rob you blind on shipping charge?:whistling:

  5. Ok I'll be rude... How much did that set you back?
  6. Man, where did you find the raisins?
  7. Looks like a decent weekend's worth of ammo.
  8. Don't shoot it. Keep it. In 3 years it will be worth a zillion-kagillion dollars.
  9. 250 all in. That good or bad?
  10. MNOD Glocker

    MNOD Glocker always around

    I wouldn't say that is bad. When I was in college (2 years since I have graduated) I was buying a case of Speer Lawman FMJ 9mm for $179 per and I thought that was a deal.
  11. youngbuck

    youngbuck He's Tyrone!

    Last summer I was getting 500rds of Winchester NATO for $120 shipped to the house
  12. Ammo shortage=7-round magazine.

    To all you 1911 guys, just kidding.

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  13. That looks like a good start.:supergrin:
  14. Lucky you!
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  15. xnicodemusx

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    I hate shortages....:supergrin:
  16. Well now, I'm jealous of both you and Mr00Jimbo! :eyebrow:

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