What Year/Base did you go to BCT?

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  1. Glock 21 Dan

    Glock 21 Dan NRA Member

    Camp Roberts? Did you train up on the Hunter Liggett reservatioin?

    No on the Hunter Liggett. There were only 3 units at Roberts in early 1967 and I was permenant party in one of them for about 6 months. Did a lot of nothing. Went up to Ft. Ord for my RVN training.

    A lot of the guys had privately owned rifles on post, mostly .22's and we could go hunting on post. Shot a lot of squirrels.

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  2. Ft. Benning, Georgia

    October 1985-January 1986



  3. Swamprat

    Millennium Member

    Fort Gordon Georgia, February 1964. A-5-2
  4. pt945

    pt945 GLOCK 17

    B 3/321 sept 1990 ft sill ok :patriot:
  5. KDH3

    KDH3 Go Gators!

    1991 - Ft. McClellan AL
    E - 795 MP BN
  6. Ft. Dix N.J. Hell Hole of the East 2-1966
  7. Anyone spend time at Campbell Army Airfield between June 67 thru Oct. 68 ? I was with the 142nd transportation co. and transferred to HHQ. Smitty
  8. I was there in September of 87.

    Delta 40...
  9. Ft. Dix, NJ Aug. '70
  10. then on to Tigerland, B-2-5. Snowbirded for 6 months waiting for a WO Flight class at Wolters.
  11. may 2006 benning 1/19 I think. 11B. Airborne school right after
  12. graduated this march from Ft Knox. A 2/46. We had lots of snow.
  13. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    Oct 1989 Ft. Knox. Never will forget on Halloween day is when I got my BDU's.
  14. I was in the exact same BTN at lost in the woods. did you guys still use the ****ty 3 story barracks? I left leonard wood in sept, 1994
  15. Glock 21 Dan

    Glock 21 Dan NRA Member

    I had Combat Engineers AIT at Leonardwood Oct-Dec, 1968. Now you want to talk about ****ty barracks, ours were left over from WWII and even still had a COAL fired furnice. We would wake up in the morning all covered with soot.
  16. Apr-Jul 2003 FLW C 35th EN BN
  17. Glock 21 Dan

    Glock 21 Dan NRA Member

    That should be Oct-Dec 1966. By Oct 1968 I had returned from Viet Nam and was at Ft. Hood, TX. for my last 9 months. No early out for me.
  18. Fort Knox
    October 1986
    1st Platoon C-13/4
  19. c01

    c01 Crazy Eye

    Fort Sill , Mar 86
  20. mikeflys1

    mikeflys1 Pastafarian

    Ft. Jackson
    E 1/28th
    June-August 2000

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