What Year/Base did you go to BCT?

Discussion in 'US Army Forum' started by c_rogue69, May 16, 2010.

  1. Aug. 2002, Fort Benning, GA

    B co. 2/47

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  2. B btry 4th Bn 1st plt Ft. Sill OK. 1980....13F MOS

  3. FT. Leonard Wood 1982 1st Platoon A 1/3
  4. '99 Fort Knox
  5. You and me both. 67 Sandhills Ft Benning. 11Bravo then
    91 Bravo in Nam.
    Dano :harley:
  6. 208MP

    Ft Leonard Wood, MO 1964 E-2-3
  7. Basic and AIT Aug 1993 Fort Benning 2/58th C-Co. 3rd Platoon

  8. BCT at Ft Polk, LA Oct-Dec 1970 D-5-2 (Where Every Man's A Tiger) Thank God I was there in the winter! I noticed there were only 3 others who admitted having Basic at Ft Puke. Awful lot of VN bound infantry in training there while I was headed off to beautiful Ft. Wolters, TX. And compared to Ft. Polk and Ft. Rucker, Wolters was a great duty station.
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  9. SGreen

    Ft. McClellan, Al, 1986, F Co.
  10. Ft Sill August 2006 E 1/22 4th platoon
  11. Ft. Jackson, September 1970, 4th Platoon, B Company
  12. Fort Leonard Wood
    12B (OSUT) B-2-2
    March, 1986
  13. jlseate

    jlseate G23 NIB-X

    Parris Island - Aug 2007. 2Btl Golf Company
  14. jlseate

    jlseate G23 NIB-X


    My apologies, I did not notice this was part of the US Army Forum. :whistling: Replied from home page.

    Carry On
  15. Fort Polk, Jan. '71 A-4-2.
  16. Fort Sill for basic and AIT, Jan 2008. I wanna say B 1-40 for basic, and I haven't the foggiest idea for AIT.
  17. Dirk Pitt

    Millennium Member

    August 3 1979, Fort Jackson S.C. I got off the plane at 1:00 AM and thought I walked into blast furnace. 90 deg. F at 1:00AM ! I should have ran right there..... shades of things to come.

    But I made it:supergrin:
  18. Jan-apr 2007, fort benning Foxtrot 2-19
  19. I retired from the Marines, but I work for the Army these days at Fort McCoy, WI. Been there since 2009.
  20. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    My dad was post XO of that place when it was still a Camp.

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