What would you like to see in a new HK pistol?

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by cowboy1964, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. A'boy

    A'boy fulla hateraid

    I'd like to see a P30 with a G19ish length grip. Yes, I know do to the design on the magazine it wouldn't have 15 rounds but I would still like to see it.

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  2. I wish they could combine the LEM and single action. I don't like their double action trigger pull, which is still better than most on the market.

  3. BuckyP

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    I'll add a new one, I'd like to see their thumb safety a little lower / rearward, more short thumb friendly. I have no issues with a 1911, but I can't reach the safety on my USPc with a natural grip.

    Maybe this is fixed on the HK45 / P30S??
  4. How would that work? You're basically talking about cocked-and-locked, right? You really don't want a SAO trigger without a manual safety.
  5. I think the new style safety on those is basically in the same position as on the USPs but I've never handled one. I never had a problem releasing the safety or decocking on a USP but I could never reactivate it with my shooting thumb if I maintained a shooting grip, I always had to use my support hand.
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  6. barth

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  7. Coolest HK ever IMO. So pretty. I am ashamed to have never fired one.

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  8. I'm with the Guy that said 1911 *Or A 210 Sig type setup something simple single stack and easy to carry. No rail clean trigger fixed sights from the factory.
    A gun to "Work" with not a gun to hang light or lazers on - Just a Gun -
    Thanks! for asking..............Harry.
    P.S. Could we have a P11 while your at it.

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