What would you do with these rounds? Pics!

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by quichedem, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I say again that tumbling the live rounds will very likely break apart the propellant granules and thereby greatly increase the pressure. If you must clean the brass, just use Brasso and a rag on each one. :cool:

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    the brasso after it has been on the brass for an extended time makes the brass more brittle due to the ammonia. If you are going to shoot right away and not reload, its not an issue

    i have tumbled and shot thousands of old rifle rounds from the 20's thru the 70's and never had a problem,

    worked for a gun shop for a while and the surplus ammo that came in that had surface rust or discoloration was given to me. tumbled it for a half hour and blasted it.
    762x54r, .303 brit, and 8mm mauser were the main calibers.
    shot it in enfields, mausers, mosins, svt-40, hakim, FN49, and i converted my 1919 to 8mm.

    I have dumped the powder before and after tumbling and cant tell any difference. the little rods of powder (like small pencil leads from a mechanical pencil) in the 54r and 8mm were still in tact and the cordite strands in the .303 was still solid. They shot the same, the same stinky/acrid smoke of the commie/fascist ammo was there and the same ash from the 303 was there.

    see above argument regarding low vibration trucks, etc

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    Thanks, I forgot about the ammonia problem with brass. :cool:
  4. Those look extremely dangerous. You shouldn't even have them in your home in fact. Fortunately I happen to run a disposal service. For you my friend I'll waive the normal charge, just this once. Just ship them to me and I'll properly dispose of them.
  5. I've never been a big fan of tumbling live ammo, but a piece of steel wool & some time in front of the tube, go shooting. Just toss any rounds that show pitting in the cases, they may be structural unsound.
    BTW, BRasso should NEVER be used on ammo or cases used for reloading.
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  6. Three steps >>> 1. Steel wool. 2. Shoot. 3. Throw away any that won't fire.
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    You are making a bold statement about something you don't have a clue on.:faint:
    You do every time you shoot factory ammo! It is the last step before packaging.
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    Put them in the washing maching , but when you put go to put them in the dryer, use the low heat setting and use a sheet of Bounce. :tongueout:

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    I recall it from a warning years ago by CCI-Speer. :cool:
  10. Alright. I haven't checked this thread for a couple of days. I was close by a Harbor Freight today, so I stopped in to try to get some items to make my own tumbler. Much to my surprise, they actually had rotary rock polishers/tumblers. So I picked one up, along with some crushed walnut birdcage bedding from the pet store as my media. I tumbled the rounds for about 10-15 minutes without incident.
    As I stated before, I really don't plan on shooting these in my AR. I might see if some family members want to try shooting them. As far as some scenario like "I pull them out of the tumbler and they start going off," I'm not concerned with that. I'd be more concerned with the rounds hurting me if I threw them in a campfire-in which case they still wouldn't be lethal. If you don't believe that check this mythbusters clip:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAK2dDQ-S4Q"]Mythbusters - Bullets Thrown Onto Campfire - Are They Lethal? - YouTube[/ame]
    I also agree with the fact that the bullets see more vibration in transit before they reach your magazine than a 1rev/2sec tumbler will provide. I feel it's just common sense. That's my mechanical engineer's opinion.
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    I have always loved the Mythbusters. :supergrin: And like most Hollywood types, they call CARTRIDGES "bullets" UGH
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  12. It's one thing when folks speak up if they feel like there is a genuine safety concern. It's another thing when folks spout off some old wive's tale that they can't make a good case for. I feel I've gotten a good bit of the latter on this thread.
  13. You should take your complaint to the ammo manufacturers and the powder manufacturers. Those of us with the old wive´s tales are simply stating in the thread what they have advised, which is the responsible thing. If you choose to go against that you do so at your own risk. Many viewers don´t post and just read. We want them to know the truth.

    Funny how some posters get the blame for stating something they did not invent. If you need proof or are not aware of those companies´position on tumbling, let me know.
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    I noticed that you live in NOLA. Is it really the murder capital? I thought that Detroit was.
  15. Warp


    Mythbusters does a good job, and the disprove Hollywood gun myths all the time
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    I forgot about steel wool. Good idea! :cool:
  17. This is a fair statement. I do feel that there are many people who use very diverse techniques/setups for their tumbling. A blanket statement is fair to make. My method I'm describing is not aggressive, thus the reason I'm not too concerned with it.
  18. It probably was when I set it to say that. It's been there for a loooooooong time. I'll get around to changing it one day.
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    but if I ever do go there, I'll take my G17 for sure! :cool:
  20. You'd better. NOLA might be beat for the U.S. murder capital by Detroit, but they do have RoboCop!

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