What was your best duty station

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  1. Aside from having been there for tech school (46 weeks), I'd have to say Lowry airfield.

    TDY at England AB for 6 weeks prior to heading to DaNang was a good time. The PMEL shop was shorthanded and swamped. They requested a couple guys. By the time the request processed, they were all caught up so we really had just about nothing to do and got a lot of time off.

    mgentry, here's one of your babies that made an unscheduled landing at DaNang in early 72 IIRC. Scuttlebutt had it that a SAM missile was stuck in the wing. No one ever confirmed that and nothing could be seen from our side of the base but it made for interesting conversation and speculation that we would be hit that night (we were not).


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  2. My best duty station was Augsburg Germany back from 1972 to 1973. Got to explore all over Germany. I was a Navy CTR.

  3. Ubon, Udorn, Korat, UTapao... back in the day.
  4. Davis Monthan AFB Tucson AZ.
    4 wheeling. Rock climbing, firearms, open carry, horses,motorcycles,and almost no winter. Pretty girls in short shorts and halter tops. The town was small and such a good place to live. Duty ate a lot of time though. 24 hours in the silo, 2-3 times aweek, 8 per month, plus training and driving to the missile sites.
  5. Vandenberg AFB in 1974 and 1976. I still can't get over how much fun Southern California was in the 70s. Wyoming was great also, especially for the hunting and fishing and Denver was only about a 100 miles.
  6. My dad was Navy and then went to work for the AF at Hill. Did tons of work for the 388th. He built the first simulator for the F16. It is still in the Hill museum.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay.
  7. Clutch Cargo

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    I really didn't have a favorite.
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  8. RetDet

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    Best assignment as a dependent was Camp King, Oberursel, Germany. Best assignment for me: 54th MP Co, Fort Ord, California.
  9. I live in eglin area and work at one of the units in the area. I love it here
  10. Six years at Hickam AFB. Three tours at Beale AFB for a total of almost 15 years. The rest were overseas which were places that weren't on anyone's "favorites" list.
  11. F_G


    I still have some good friends that live in Layton. Funny thing was, I got stationed at Hill and less than a year later my Dad's company transferred him to Salt Lake City, they lived in West Valley City for 16 years before moving back to Prescott, AZ in '98. Seems you are usually away from family when in the military, but mine followed me! Heck, I may have worked with your Dad.
  12. UXOMAN

    Stateside: Luke AFB, AZ.
    Overseas: Soesterberg AB, NL
  13. My best duty statin was when I served on USS Lawrence DDG-4 from 1979-1981, I will never forget the time we went to Bloodsworth Island to to shoot Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) to train Marine Spotters. Three days of constant Fire missions, shooting both 5/54" guns was AWESOME, I was an FTG1 and was Plotting Room Officer and we shot over 1200 rds, when we finished both magazines were empty..I had an outstanding group of FTG's in Gun Plot..

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  14. Tank44

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    Fort Gulick, Panama Canal Zone. I called it country club duty.
  15. RAF Lakenheath was awesome. 99-03
  16. VAP-61. Based out of Agana, Guam we flew RA-3B's to Townsville,Australia; Japan, the Phillippines, Danang, Vietnam, and whatever carrier was in the Tonkin Gulf at the time. We also went to Bangkok, Thailand my favorite. We flew the largest aircraft to ever go aboard a carrier, they nicknamed it the whale. It was the last to trap and the first to launch. It first flew in 1950 and flew until the early eighties for the military. About five still fly today for Raytheon as missile test beds in California. Check out the website Vap61Vap62 or Vappers. We lost about five aircraft during my two and a half years there. One was shot down on takeoff at Danang, Vietnam.
  17. Kaneohe Bay HI, Stateside

    Subic Bay, PI....:supergrin:
  18. Fred Bates Dad died in 81. Worked in the old building 100. The building was renumbered when too many people knew about building 100. (secure/classified electronics repair)
  19. Nope. I asked for Minot. . . and got it.

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