What was your AFSC?

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  1. Ahh you were an APE.


    I see there are a few red headed step children here. Not sure how the Security Forces thing is working now. It looks like they are blending the LE with the SS crowd. Well that took out all the fun between those two groups...

    Although I did notice, that the combat training is now BACK at Bullis for ABGD, apparently the idea of sending Air Force dudes to train with army dudes did not pan out.....

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  2. v-12


  3. I started out as a 431X3 then we were changed to 457X2 and finally 2A5X1J. I was a Crew Chief on HC-130N/P, C-130E, and retired from the MC-130E. I also did my time as a flight line expediter and production supervisor.
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  4. I love the talon 1 its a shame and an honor to put them to bed...
  5. dlupini

    dlupini Capt

  6. Taifuugan

    Taifuugan The Glock Ninja

    I was an Airlift Bombardment maintenance specialist, aka Crew Chief on C141-b Glad to be here, Go Air Force!!!
  7. 3D1X2 cyber transport. Just a do all comm guy i guess. Active duty stationed at Key West NAS right now.
  8. started out as a 304X0 wide band radio maint which changed to 1E1X1 Turkey X2, Ger. and the 3rd Mob, spent the last 4 as a 8S000 launch control facility mgr. here in ND,
  9. Emoor

    81142, Law Enforcement Specialist. Not sure they still have that career field anymore. I believe the two fields (LE & Security) have been blended.
  10. 2A672. Another AGE Ranger.
  11. 1745G/13B (Air Battle Management) 1987-1999 (AWACS dude)
  12. temfi

    2W171 Weapons Standardization Superintendent
  13. 202x0 Radio Communications Analyst
    Clark AFB, Philippines, Mar 1970-July 1971
    San Vito AB, Italy Sept 1971-Mar 1973
  14. Firebob2917

    Firebob2917 Forgiven

    Two choice duty stations!
  15. jpen10

    Hey FriscoTX, I was a 29450 at IAS 68-70. Dawg flt and Bob Holdenried was the NCOIC. Also, Bob Calnen, Dennis Kleber. I am in touch with all three. Calnen was on Baker and then transfered to Dawg when Dennis left.
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  16. This is Dennis Kleber. Hey Jim, we are Facebook friends already. Didn't know you were on Glocktalk also.
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  17. jpen10

    Hi Dennis, I was searching for 294x0 and this thread came up. I don't have a glock, but do have a Sig 9mm tutone. I was excited to see another "late 60's 294" so I joined the forum. I couldn't wait for an answer to my post here. Thought I had found ANOTHER long, lost 294..

  18. okvet

    1985 - 2008

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