What was your AFSC?

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  1. 8224(osi)

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  2. I had two AFSCs due to retraining.

    My first was 30353, Automatic Tracking Radar Specialist. We provided Soviet SAM threat simulators for tactical and strategic training and tracked bombing accuracy for bombers on training runs.

    My second was 20970, Command, Communications, and Control, Countermeasures Analyst. This is who taps onbase phones, intercepts radio transmissions and basically plays the Threat in communications scenarios. Used to jam and spoof radio networks during exercises too.

  3. JoeyR

    Retired as a 2A300. Entered active duty in May 1981 as a 328X4 (avionic inertial and radar nav systems specialist, INS/Doppler). Rivet Workforce made me a Comm/Nav troop in 1988. Stayed Comm/Nav until it morphed into 2A5X3A. I worked B-52G, KC-135A/Q, HH-3E, E-3B/C, MH-53J, AC-130H, MC-130P, MC-130E, C-20B/C/H, VC-137B/C, VC-9C, C-37A, C-32A, E-8C. Retired as an AMU Chief babysitting F-16's.
  4. MC-130E's are my babies. I started out Avionics 2a5x3a in them now in 2A2x1 AFSOC avionics heavy's on the talon 1's till we finish retiring them next year. Sad to see them go.
  5. JoeyR

    I worked them when I was at Hurby. Later on I worked the SOF SPO at Robins and dealt with maintenance issues between AFSOC and the depot. You're at Duke?
  6. cool, I started as a 545x2 and ended as a 3E1x1.

    Thank You for your service.
  7. Yeah I'm an ART out here at Duke. I've worked the p models and the h models a models and u boats.
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  9. 1965 – 1971 462x0 Weapons load member/ load chief. 1971 to 1991 A462x0 Gunner and lead gunner on the AC-130 A/E and H models Gunships. Ubon, and Korat Thailand. Hurlburt Field, FL.
  10. 1A251, C-5M Loadmaster. One of the first to be on the upgraded "M" Models at Dover AFB! 2007-2011.
  11. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

  12. JimMc

    I was (1964-1968) in AFSC 202X0. We got the info from folks like FriscoTX. When things got slow I used to ease over and plug into what we used to call "the rack". Do not know how them 294 folks did it. My hat is off to them.
  13. love to see 3 other 2e1x3's
  14. I believe I was what is now a 2A753. . . I think.
    Airframe structural repair at Minot 89-92.
    Minuteman III B-52H and KC-135A. Was leaving as the first of the R models were showing up.
  15. Started out as 57150 Fire Protection Specialist and later crosstrained to 81170 Security Police Supervisor.
  16. 3POX1 Security Forces. Augh

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  17. 46F3, flight nurse out of Wright Patterson.
  18. Currently:

    3P0X1A - Military Working Dog Handler.
  19. They've changed considerably since I was in ('66-'70), but I was a 902x0...hospital corpsman.

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